Dartford Crossing Patrols - Doc
Does anyone know the status of the Patrols at the Dartford River Crossing?
I know that they are not Police, but their white Land-Rovers carry blue lights.
Do they have the power to stop vehicles and enforce traffic laws?
Dartford Crossing Patrols - Rob C
I would say "no" because I have regularly cut across them on red and amber traffic lights at the Dartford junctions with no ill effects.

Sorry, that should read, I HAVE SEEN other people do that.

They escort fuel tankers with their blue lights on. Whether they would chase you if you overtook the escorting tanker I don't know, but it wouldn't be difficult to elude a Landy Defender. They would probably radio the police though, there are always a few T5's at the tunnel offices.
Dartford Crossing Patrols - Dwight Van Driver
I think you will find that the Tunnel Authority appoint certain staff to carry out policing functions which under statute give them various authorities under Road Traffic Acts.

Have a look at The Dartford - Thurrock Crossing Act, 1988 and in particular Section 28.


Dartford Crossing Patrols - Doc
thanks DVD.

It would appear that they have the power to stop.

Traffic officers.

The crossing operator shall appoint persons to act as traffic officers.

(2) It shall be the duty of every traffic officer to secure the observance and enforcement of the provisions of this Part of this Act and of regulations made under it, in particular by exercising functions conferred on traffic officers by any such provision.

(3) It shall also be the duty of every traffic officer to secure the observance and enforcement of:
(a) any traffic regulation order made under section 1 of the [1984 c. 27.] Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 and any prohibition or restriction imposed under section 14 of that Act or section 24 of this Act as respects any road within the crossing or the approach roads; and
(b) any byelaws made or treated as made under the 1984 Act as they have effect by virtue of this Act.
(4) Every traffic officer may stop and direct traffic within the crossing and, so far as is necessary for the performance of any of his duties under subsections (2) and (3) above, on the approach roads.

(5) A traffic officer shall not act as such unless in uniform.

Dartford Crossing Patrols - Rob C
Oops, best be a bit more careful then!

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