ATF and Mayonnaise - Nsar
HJ refers to checking ATF level on his section on checking a used car out. ATF?
Also he refers to mayonnaise under the oil filler cap. Now I'm pretty sure I could spot this but if I was a dodgy dealer, I'd probably change the oil when I was putting on the forecourt, so is there any other way of spotting gasket probs especially if the engine's been steam cleaned?

ATF and Mayonnaise - BrianW
ATF = Automatic Transmission Fluid
ATF and Mayonnaise - No Do$h
Mayo: Look for any sign of cloudiness or "rainbow" film in the expansion tank. If you suspect the cooling system has been flushed, test drive the car, taking it for a good few miles so the car gets up to temperature, then walk away! Pop back the next day with a "mate" on the pretext of showing him the car, then check the expansion tank again.

As for ATF, check the dipper and sniff the fluid. If it smells of burnt toast, walk away. Only this time, don't bother coming back the next day.

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