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My daughter's Corsa D (2009) was inspected by a mechanic yesterday before its MOT on Saturday. He reported that the 'NSF/OSF top mounting is hanging off'. The car was recently repaired by a professional body shop (insurer appointed) for frontal damage (new bumper). Is this an MOT failure?
Vauxhall Corsa D - Top end mounting:MOT failure? - The-Mechanic

Without seeing / feeling the play it's difficult to say exactly. I take it that it's the front upper strut mounts you are on about yes ?

The upper mounts are designed to have an amount of 'play' in them with the suspension in the unloaded state (ie, hanging loose when jacked up), but so long as there are no obvious signs of damage or mal-adjustment it'll be OK.

Ford Fiesta's used to have a large amount of lateral play in the upper mounts but could not be failed as it was deemed to be a design trait of the suspension. When the weight of the car is bearing on the suspension the rubber cup which is the insulator at the very top of the strut, pushes up against the inner wing, it takes up the free play. If there is any movement in the strut top mounts with the car on the ground then there may be a reason for rejection (fail) as there could be some wear in another part of the support bearing.

Take a look at the MOT testers manual online here :

Vauxhall Corsa D - Top end mounting:MOT failure? - Galad

Thnaks. Mechanic told her to bring it back today and he will sort it. Will report back with an update!

Vauxhall Corsa D - Top end mounting:MOT failure? - Galad
It is indeed the struts. Mechanic has replaced them saying that it's likely they will fail MOT. He also said in his experience the struts are a known issue with Corsa Ds even though daughter's car has only covered 28k miles albeit with a regular jaunt over a railway crossing 3/4 times a day despite my advice to slow down!

SWMBO's Corsa just scraped through the MOT last year with a lot of play in the struts. Better get them seen to before test is due in May.
Vauxhall Corsa D - Top end mounting:MOT failure? - The-Mechanic

Well, I still maintain that the 'play' would have been within acceptable tolerance (and there probably still is movement in the new mounts too) as the Corsa's, most Fords and VW's all have a similar design setup and the additional notes that are shown on the testing station computer when logging the test will say what the acceptable movement is.

There are several queries about this online, including this one from HJ :

Plus :

Like I said, the only reason for rejection is if there is excessive movement when the car is NOT jacked up. It seems you have either been duped by your mechanic into paying for unnecessary work, or he doesn't have a clue what is and is not acceptable and erred on the side of caution in his ignorance.

I'd get the front suspension indepentantly checked, or do it yourself and just see if there is indeed still movement. I bet there still is, then I'd be asking for a refund and apology !!!!

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