Which satnav under £100 - Trilogy

Looks like time to get a satnav, but which one? A Garmin or a Tom Tom?

Which satnav under £100 - gordonbennet

At one time i would have said TT for sheer simplicity, but having tried my neighbours recent model it was horrid to use.

I bought a Garmin, no regrets, and SWMBO has a smaller Garmin too, reasonably simple to use, and free lifetime traffic if the model number has a T in front....subject to checking current models of course.

Which satnav under £100 - skidpan

Had a £90 Garmin for 4 years. Perfect. Takes you exactly where you ask it.

Which satnav under £100 - Armitage Shanks {p}

ANYTHING that is NOT TomTom plus look for some deal like free map updates for life.

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Which satnav under £100 - daveyjp

I'm on my third Garmin, had them for years. Always easy to use, give instructions in plenty of time and are quick at rerouting. None of this can be said for the iphone satnav.

Aldi currently have a Garmin Nuvi 2517 in store with free map upgrades for life at £90. As map upgrades for my 4 year old Garmin are about £80 I was tempted.

Which satnav under £100 - Ethan Edwards

The rise of the smart phone means the days of stand alone personal navigation devices PND's are numbered. I use googles offering on my android when using (other then my own sat nav equipped cars) and it's been truly excellent. The price is right too...nothing.

I have unlimited free data on my own phone plan so maybe if your on a limited plan data usage might be an issue perhaps. Though I'm led to believe there are self contained navigation apps (also free) you can download for use for abroad.

So my vote for best SatNav for under a £100 is Google and the cost - zero, zip nada nothing.

Which satnav under £100 - VR6

I half agree with you here. I don't have a stand alone satnav and use my phone + google maps. However, it has let me down on a few occasions when I needed it most.

- First two times were at night in the middle of nowhere. Google + phone had got me part way home, but then lost internet signal so the maps would not update.

- Last time was the battery on the phone going. I hadn't packed a charger and ran out of power.

Both the above could have been prevented with some foresight like a paper map or a charger or downloading the maps from google, but it does point out some of the shortcomings of using a phone as a Satnav.

A stand alone thing does not require the internet as the maps are on the device, and the batteries last longer / is always plugged in.

Which satnav under £100 - daveyjp
We did a head to head test this morning, iphone v Samsung Google maps system on my wife's new Samsung phone.

The iphone was poor, the Samsung was truly terrible.

Which satnav under £100 - RichT54

Another recommendation for Garmin here. The touchscreen on old TomTom started playing up so I replaced it with a Garmin Nuvi 2460LMT three years ago which has been faultless ever since.

The Garmin came with lifetime maps and traffic, but bear in mind that the full European map means a 4GB download when updating. Not much of a problem with a decent high speed internet connection; but on my old internet account the first update took 20 hours to download!

Which satnav under £100 - jc2

+1 for Garmin-4 year old Nuvi and perfectly reliable.Try Argos-wide screen,western Europe,case and lifetime updates and under £100,just!

Which satnav under £100 - elekie&a/c doctor

Another vote for Garmin.Mine has voice command all for around £100.Not even my Bentley has this feature.

Which satnav under £100 - Avant

Last time I looked at these, a big point in favour of Garmin was that map updates were free. TomTom seem to charge extra for everything. You'd need to check that this applies to the particular model that you're looking at.

Which satnav under £100 - Trilogy

Thanks for the feedback. I've been on another forum receiving conflicting advice. They all recommend TomTom. Amazing! BTW, TomTom appears to offer free map updates within my price range.

Which satnav under £100 - Armitage Shanks {p}

Yes BUT, having owned TT for about 8 years I can assure you that the latest ones are so poor and limitede functionality (The Go/Live series) that people are buying the old 720s on e bay! Useful functions have been removed and there are forums full of unhappy TT users. I will say that the telephone based support, in Holland but a UK 01 type number, is excellent. Maps are VERY expensive if you aren't on the free up date deal. Canaries and Madeira are about £25 as a one off with no update service, you have to buy a new map! Western Europe is £75 for a map and 12 mopnths update!

Which satnav under £100 - colinh

Was able to compare a Garmin with a built-in TomTom on a mainly non-motorway journey through Spain and France last year (both had up-to-date maps). Whilst the interface of the Garmin and its points of interest data were better - for the main use - routes - the TomTom was far superior. Updates for the TomTom are £27 per year, and it's also possible to incorporate your own alterations to the maps via Mapshare.

Both are able to use the free traffic updates, but find it of debatable value in France and Spain - may be better in UK

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Which satnav under £100 - xtrailman

I have a 3 year old portable garmin, and a 6 month old factory fit TT in the car.

Both are rubbish compared to my previous factory fit nissan sat nav.

But whatever you get eventually thetywill get you to your destination, so go for at lest a 5" screen, with life time maps and traffic.

The TT live services in my car work when they like, and have to be payed for annually.

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Which satnav under £100 - Latestsatnav

This should help:

No it won't.

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Which satnav under £100 - Stumblebum

(free) Here maps on a smart phone works well. We use it when overseas. You down load the maps first, and don't need a permanent data connection. Every so often they are updated.

Cant's speak for Tom Tom, but we have been Garmin users for many years.


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