2007 Ford Focus 1.8 TDCI - High Fuel Pressure issue - ChrisD83

Hi, My focus has developed a problem where upon starting the car runs for a few seconds then cuts out stating 'engine system fault' and will not restart. RAC plugged in and seems the fuel pressure was too high with error code referencing the fuel pressure sensor. Having reset / cleared the errors the car re-started and after a short time pressure went to normal. RAC suggested a bit of dirt as seemed to sort its self. The issue has occured again but my local garage are not confident of what the issue is. Once running the car runs faultlessly with no issues. I do most of the maintenance myself but never had to get involved in the computer of fuel system side! As there are no symptoms when the car is running could the issue be the pressure sensor on the rail, mass air sensor... cant see it being the pump if the pressure is too high or the filter as surely if there was resistance their I would have hesitation/loss of power under high rev?

Suggestions greatfully received!

2007 Ford Focus 1.8 TDCI - High Fuel Pressure issue - Railroad.
High fuel pressure? That really is a new one. Pumps do not generate pressure, they facilitate flow. Pressure comes from opposition to flow. So if you do genuinely have high fuel pressure detected by the fuel pressure sensor then you must have either a faulty pressure relief valve, blocked injector nozzles or a blockage in the common rail or injector pipes. The latter sounds highly unlikely unless they've been tampered with. I would seek the advice of a diesel fuel specialist, and not your local garage.

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