ZX LH engine mount - Humpy
I\'ve been trying to investigate a severe vibration of the gear stick and, at some revs, the engine. I\'m very grateful to people who have answered my queries in the past but I\'ve only just got the time to do something about it now!!

I have replaced the centre rear engine mount which I could see was oval but this didn\'t solve the problem. I have just removed the lh engine mount to find that the top bush is round and normal but the underneath bush, that contacts the gearbox, is quite oval. I assume that it is meant to be round and the fact that it doesn\'t fully contact the sleeve that goes on the the protruding stud from the top of the gearbox means that movt is possible and this could be the source of the vibration.

Am I right? Is this lower part of the bush meant to be oval. Even if it\'s not the cause is it qorth replacing it anyway?? Car\'s done 128000m.

cheers for your help.


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