BBC news - Parking - oldroverboy.

A motorist who was waiting in a queue of traffic in Bradford has been issued with a parking ticket.

Victor Hankins's car was filmed by a mobile traffic enforcement vehicle in a bus stop - while he was in a queue at a red traffic light.

Mr Hankins appealed against the council's actions, which he described as an "absolute joke."

Bradford Council has apologised and cancelled the penalty notice, admitting issuing the ticket was a "mistake".

'See you in court'

Mr Haskins said he consulted the Highway Code rules on waiting at bus stops before contacting the council.

He said: "I told them that I would be removing the appeal and I'd be seeing them in court and I wanted the camera operative in the court with me.

"At that point they overturned everything, apologised and the attitude couldn't have been more helpful and totally the opposite (from before)."

In a statement, Bradford Council said: "All images are checked before a Penalty Charge Notice is issued. In this case a mistake was made.

"When we find out that we have issued a penalty notice in error we cancel it and refund as appropriate.

"We continue to monitor and review performance regularly to ensure any errors are minimised."

BBC news - Parking - Collos25

Typical of BMDC, nothing in the local rag but then again it is part owned by the council.

BBC news - Parking - hillman

I parked in the two level car-park above the shops in Mersey Square, Stockport, forgot to pick up a ticket straight away, realised when I'd walked down to the street level, went straight back and bought a ticket before going to put it on the car. The operator must have been crouching down behind a barrier because there was a parking infringement notice on the car when I got back (3 or 4 minutes). I sent the notice and the fine to the council and got a reply refuting my excuses - I hadn't made any. I don't park there now.

BBC news - Parking - gordonbennet

I hadn't made any. I don't park there now.

Exactly right Hillman, they persecute the motorist enough and make it as difficult as possible for the solvent person to gain access to the town, park their car and get out again.

Thats fine, carry on doing your worst, but don't be surprised when those solvent ex shoppers decide they've had enough, and plant themselves front of the PC instead with their favourite tipple in hand, click a few keys and two days later the nice man from Yodel/CityLink/Parcelforce delivers their goods.

It doesn't take a genius to work out why the high street is dying, they should be attracting solvent people if they want the place to survive, instead short term officially approved money grabbing is the order of the day.

Charity shops and pound shops do not make a vibrant economically viable town, and certainly not an attractive one.

And don't get me started on the lack of public conveniences in towns.

If you get the chance, visit Bicester shopping village, an example of how you do attract customers...the only shopping place i've visited in the last 20 years where people feel safe enough to leave the roofs down on their convertibles...proper and visible security on hand.

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BBC news - Parking - oldroverboy.

Same for me Gordon,

few years ago, parked off egdeware station road by the post office, according to signs ok to park, when i came back two "attendants" putting ticket on, as sign at entance to street said "Controlled Zone", paid ticket and never been back.

BBC news - Parking - martint123

The DfT has outlined its intention to abolish the use of CCTV cameras for parking enforcement. The ICO agreed that CCTV cameras should "not be used routinely by local authorities for on-street parking enforcement". If they are used, there must be a "pressing need" for them and "specific safeguards" around that use should be in place, it said.

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Agree completely, I'm guilty of shopping online. Basingstoke used to have quite a bit of off sreet parking so you could pop into town to the bank, maybe do a bit of shopping but the off street parking areas are mostly gone. I reckon lots of people don't go into town as much as they did, there are plenty of retail parks with free convenient parking now so the town centre loses business.

BBC news - Parking - RichT54

I had a fortunate outcome several years ago when I parked in a car park in Oxford. I did pay for a ticket, but it fell off the windscreen and ended up in the footwell. I supect I may have dislodged it while removing my camera bag from the car.

When I returned a few hours later, a traffic warden had just fixed a penalty notice to my car. I showed him the ticket, but he said he couldn't cancel a notice once it had been issued. He said I would have to write to the council to explain what had happened.

So I wrote to the council and included the ticket to show that I had paid, and explained about the ticket getting knocked off the windscreen. The official who read it must have been in a good mood that day as they let me off from paying the fine; even though they could have insisted that it was my fault because I hadn't ensured the the ticket was properly on display when I walked away from the vehicle.


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