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Ford Galaxy - Diesel Automatic slipping out of gear - groovysi

My 2002 diesel automatic Galaxy has been slipping out of gear, particularly when over about 40mph. If you are very gentle on the accelerater you can keep it in gear and generally drive quite normally.

Just come back from the garage where I have been told it needs the gearbox rebuilt, he said it would cost around £2000 and advised me against doing it. Looking on the internet there are garages that offer exchanges for £475 all in, are these worth considering?

What are the chances of it being something else like transmission fluid being low?

Ford Galaxy - Diesel Automatic slipping out of gear - gordonbennet

If the garage you use didn't, as the very first thing, check the fluid level and visible condition of the oil then i would be sure never to darken their doorstep again.

Assuming its not fluid level or condition then another gearbox would appear the best solution, maybe one from a known breaker.

Hopefully someone else has an opinion or knowledge of the £475 exchange jobbie, it sounds too good to be true.

Ford Galaxy - Diesel Automatic slipping out of gear - Cyd

One assumes that this vehicle has a means of checking the gearbox oil level?

First thing to have done is check the level and top up (preferably refresh) if necessary.

Does this car have an oil to water gearbox cooler? Check gearbox oil for signs of water content.

£475 sounds cheap, I'd assume this is a straight 2nd hand 'box probably with unknown pedigree.
For a 2nd hand box with good pedigree, changed by a suitably knowledgable specialist or Ford independant, I'd have thought about £750 to be a fair starting price.


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