Guns n cars Pt 2 - GRowlette
Something to take your mind off the weather:

My Growler got chased last year by guys like this, I think he posted it along with some tips about what to do. Still got if anyone wants I think.

Glad he's got that big old V-8 that's very powerful, keeps those diesels away.

Have a good day over there.
Guns n cars Pt 2 - cockle {P}
Growlette, makes interesting reading, we haven't quite got to that stage here yet, thank God; but car jacking is becoming more prevalent with the increase in car security.

'Agojo said the TMG group led by PO1 Ferdinand Villanueva, PO3 Querejero Fidel and PO2 Edwin Cuadra, who were all onboard two mobile cars, tailed the suspects vehicle.'
Love the difference in syntax from the UK, good job they were in mobile cars as opposed to the immobile sort. :-)



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