Galant engine failure - dave_iom
Hello all,

A guy at work has a 98 Mitsubishi Galant 2000 auto estate with 40000 miles, at the weekend the oil light on the dash came on, he stopped, checked oil level and after finding levels correct got the car towed to the main dealer for investigation.

The car has always been serviced by the main dealer, last service was 4000 miles ago. The dealers workshop staff basically told him he needed a new engine as the oil pump has failed and wrecked the engine.

The thing I don't understand is how a car which has always been serviced by a main mitsubishi dealer and driven carefully all it's life can die at 40k miles.

Any suggestions on the correct action to take?

Galant engine failure - M.M

A year ago we had a lady posting here, her Mazda engine had failed in the same way at just 12,500 miles.

In the end she had the repairs costing £2200 paid by Mazda.

Turns out there was a known issue with a number of these engines. They had shown evidence of a machining fault with the crankshaft main bearing area/thrust washer on No 4 cylinder. The result was that the thrust washer fails and allows the crankshaft to move forward under pressure from the clutch. The movement of the crankshaft may then have caused the oil pump to fail as the oil pump is directly attached to the crankshaft.

I wonder if anything like this was the case with your friend's Mitsubishi?


Galant engine failure - dave_iom
Thanks for the info, FYI the garage diagnosed the 'engine failure' by starting the car and giving it a rev. The guy who owns the car (my boss) isn't to happy, the garage told him, your engines had it a new one will cost 3k. I'm going to pop in on his behalf and have a chat with the mechanics to see if we can get a more specific diagnosis.

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