Vectra Brake Squeal - steveb
Does anyone suffer from undue rear brake squeal on light braking on their previous model Vectra ? Mine's a 2001 2.2 with disks all round. It only happens when the brakes are warm, ie after normal driving for half a mile or so. Washing/hosing seems to make no difference, and it happens both in the dry and wet.

The same thing happened on my previous 1.8 S reg, I couldn't believe it when its replacement did the same straight after leaving FoW !

Any thoughts/ideas/solutions ?


Vectra Brake Squeal - Flat in Fifth
Not quite the same Steve but my old Vectra had rear brake squeal which turned out to be the parking brake shoes sticking partly on.

Probably not at all relevant in fact as the handbrake operates small shoes sitting in a small drum inside the hub.
Vectra Brake Squeal - steveb
cheers anyway ........ anyone else with any ideas ?


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