Mondeo window puzzle - ajn
The windows on my new-model (2001) mondeo have started behaving strangely. When I unlock the doors using the remote control, both front windows unwind fully. But, this doesn't happen all the time. Anyone else experience this strange behaviour or have any idea what is causing it???
Mondeo window puzzle - cabsmanuk
My Sharan used to open and close it's windows of it's own will. Problem eventally traced to a short circuit on the towbar electrics I had installed months previously.
Mondeo window puzzle - Dave E
Read your manual. I think the real reason for this is for when you leave the car. Rather than rely on any passengers to close the windows properly ( i.e. kids.) Pressing and holding the lock button will also automatically close any open windows and sunroof if fitted. It works in reverse ( as you are experiencing ) and will open all windows if you hold the unlock button for a few seconds.

It is quite clever - for a Ford - as you can programme the remote to just open the drivers door, or all doors, you choose.

It gave me minutes of fun when I first got mine.

Mondeo window puzzle - Bilgewater
When my 2001 mondeo was one week old the global window opening and closing feature would only work on one front and one rear window. The next day it only worked on the other two windows, then all the electrics went dead. It turned out to be a loose battery terminal. After I tightened the terminal I had to re set the windows. This is explained in the owners manual.
Mondeo window puzzle - Yoby
Yes, you can program your windows on the new Mondeo. So that you can have one or all windows opening or closing upon an extended press of the remote button. Have a look at the manual and it tells you how to program your windows. However this programming can be lost if a passenger inadvertantantly presses a window up/down button for too long!

But it is great in summer when you come back to an oven-like car just to open all windows at the press of a button.
Mondeo window puzzle - Dynamic Dave
But it is great in summer when you come back to
an oven-like car just to open all windows at the press
of a button.

Similar to VW then. Except that the car thieves discovered they could also use this to their advantage!!


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