Modeo Immobiliser - keir
Hi all,
I have an N reg mondeo and it seems the fuel pump has stopped.Apparently this could be down to the PATS system immobiliser.Problem is the immobiliser is behid a metal plate. Does anyone know how to bypass this immobiliser???

Modeo Immobiliser - Dave_TD
More information, is it a petrol or diesel Mondeo? Do you mean the standard manufacturer-fit immobiliser or an aftermarket one?

Modeo Immobiliser - keir
It is Deisel and it is Standard Fod Immobiliser
Modeo Immobiliser - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Had one of these where the pump shaft sheared.....There is no way unfortunately you can get the anti theft casting off the back of the pump without removing it.
Modeo Immobiliser - keir
Thanks for that.When you had the pump shaft shear how did you sort the problem,new pump ?or repair?if so how much?Also if the pump was out can the immobiliser then be bypassed.
One last thing, what caused the pump to shear,had you just had the belts done?
Many thanks
Modeo Immobiliser - churjones
The shaft generally shears through poor maintenance of the inline fuel filter, water and fine sludge get into the inner chamber of the injection pump and pick up on the driveshaft which eventually fail through " believe it or not rust".A large proportion of people think it unneccary to change this filter at regular intervals.

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