dodgy vectra heater - bert929cc
can anyone help with this one? r reg vectra .interior heater works fine my side of the carbut is cold on her side of the car,blocked heater matrix?? tricky to replace?? be glad if somebod can help
dodgy vectra heater - Ian D
If the heater pumps out heat on one side of the car but not the other (and presumably the screen heats/demists OK) then it is unlikely to be the heater matrix. It is most likely to be the heater box flaps not opening correctly on one side or the controls that link the dashboard car/screen/facia control to the heater box having come astray on one side. I am not familiar with the Vectra but a Haynes manual usually has a diagram of the heater assembly and you may be able to see which bit could not be working.

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