Suggest a car - Ben79
Thinking about cars, but having problems thinking of possibilities.

Torquey modern diesel
Lots of drivers' space
Comfortable ride yet good cornering ability
Group 9 or less insurance
45mpg + in the real world
Larger than a Focus
Aircon, ABS
0-60 less than 12 secs and great 30-50 times
Engine needs to pull smoothly in all gears removing need for unneccesary gearchanges to gain speed.

Quite a challenge I think.
Suggest a car - googolplex
I thought they all did this these days. Take your pick!
Suggest a car - andymc {P}
Taking each of your criteria in turn, I reckon my Seat Leon TDi is more than up to the job:

Torquey, albeit not a PD engine. With 110 bhp and 173 lb/ft at 1900 rpm, it's as quick as I need/want it to be anyway.
Better driver's space than my 5 Series - headroom is better.
Comfortable, snug sports seats, handles well - has never lost it.
Group 7E.
55+ mpg nearly all the time, never below 50 mpg in 20k miles of trips.
More elbow room than the Focus I tried (does this count?) ;)
Full climate control, ABS and switchable traction control.
I usually overtake in 5th gear - very rarely do I have to change down to 4th.
Plus - all electric windows, alarm, RCL, heated mirrors, leather steering wheel, trip computer, rake/reach adjustable wheel, full seat adjustment, front & side airbags. Also IMHO looks better than Golf or Octavia, even A3. I admit this is subjective but I also think it's true.

Challenge met, I think!
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Suggest a car - PhilW
Sounds like you need a nice cheap second hand Xantia Hdi SX or Exclusive
Suggest a car - Ben79
I was thinking more about a C5 110 HDI SX
Suggest a car - Dave_TD
Suggest a car - Ben79
I'd thought of that, looked at one yesterday, couldn't get the legs in, the salesman suggested the Superb, but the clutch foot rest was too small for the size 14s.

Laguna and new Megane are no go either. Don't want anything Jap or Korean etc, nor a Mondeo or Vectra.

Fussy aren't I?
Suggest a car - Steve G
What about a Peugeot 406 ?
Matches your criteria quite well.
Shame you specify a low insurance group because the 156 JTD is a good drivers car with sensible MPG.


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