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I am currently toying with the idea of buying a <1 yr old Auris Hybrid from Motorpoint. There seem to be lots of glowing reviews about Motorpoint however I understand that they import most of their cars which then do not come with a standard warranty. Would I be correct in my reasoning that as the Auris is a UK built vehicle, any cars on motorpoint shouldn't be imports and will therefore come with the standard UK spec and warranty?

Or do imports even come into the equation with used cars as I would imagine Motorpoint's used stock consists of trade ins and ex rentals/fleet.


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Most (if not all) brand new pre-registered cars at Motorpoint were imports several years ago. Bought one myself, did not have a problem in the 6 years we owned it, sold it privately but dealers were happy to take it in PX at full guide price (one said "as long as its not a Renault we will take it in"). It was 100% UK spec with every item of kit listed in the brochure, some cars were non UK colours but we avoided those. Couple of items of warranty work were sorted with no issue , no problems with insurance and local dealer even replaced German service book with UK one FOC.

However, this is not the case with the "used" cars they sell. These are all ex hire, ex lease, ex company vehicles that should have been 100% UK supplied new.

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Motorpoint sell some imported cars (Cyprus & Eire in the main) - sold as delivery miles - often 1st registered to a Morpoint owned company.

Cars roughly 3-12 months old are 95% day rental cars / short term leased cars - will be UK cars with std warranty - unless the servicing has been missed!

I have bought 2 x cars - Xtrail in 2007 (Cyprus) 2012 CRV (Cyprus) - both covered by EU 3 yr warranty 3yr/60K - dates run from Pre-del check dates. e.g. my CRV was PD's July 15th, I was first reg owner 3rd October -so, in effect, a 33 mth/ 60K warranty.

Cannot say how warranty is covered as neither hs needed any repairs in the 6 years.

Toyota Auris and Auris HSD - Motorpoint and imports - Auristocrat

The Toyota five year warranty was introduced from June 2010 by Toyota GB to bolster consumer confidence following the accelerator pedal recall. Toyota EU retained the three year warranty.

So if Motorpoint cars are imports, they will have the 3 year/60,000 mile Toyota new car warranty, not the 5 year/100,000 mile Toyota new car warranty.

Toyota Auris and Auris HSD - Motorpoint and imports - Auristocrat

Not all of the first generation Auris (2007-2012) were UK built - three door Auris were built in Turkey, and five door Auris/Auris Hybrids were built in the UK. The second generation Auris (2012 onwards) are all UK built.

It is possible that the pre-registered Motorpoint cars may be imports (from Eire, Cyprus, etc).


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