Peugeot Key pad Immobiliser - Cagey-H
I have just dropped off my '97 306 Tubo Diesel at the dealer for an MOT....

Just received a phone call to say it will not start.....(first time in 6 years!)

There seems to be a key pad code fault. the code I gave them does not work (even though it's the one Ib have used for six years). My question is, how long do you have to leave the car locked for before the immobiliser de-activates and what is the process?

The added complication I have is a clifford alarm system that may stop this from happening.

Any help appreciated before the dealer pulls my car to bits for no reason!
Peugeot Key pad Immobiliser - SjB {P}
From the Genuine Peugeot 306 handbook:

If three consecutive incorrect codes are entered, no action is possible for one minute. The red light flashes and a noise sounds.

- Switch off ignition
- Repeat entering of code

If green and red lights are illuminated simultaneously this indicates that you have not followed the procedure correctly or that the operation is faulty.

- Switch off the ignition
- Wait one minute
- Re-enter your code

If the problem still remains, contact your Peugeot dealer.

It then goes on to say that repair is replacement of the injection control unit (which makes sense as it is the fuel supply that is deactivated to immobilize the engine, but GULP none the less).

Good luck
Peugeot Key pad Immobiliser - M.M
That is a massive coincidence to have it "failing" just when they had it if you keyed it in OK for the run down there. I'd go down and try the code myself.

Perhaps your Clifford alarm foiled them??

Had a guy once put his car in for a new battery without telling me there was an extra hidden alarm fitted...and he didn't give me the fob!

I was well chuffed after fitting the battery and working with rag stuffed in my ears for 20 mins wondering what the hell was setting the thing off... until a phone call to him produced the comment..."I've got the alarm fob here at home, didn't think you'd need it!"


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