Astra 1.4i sidewindow - rolandf
Is it anyone who know what keeps up
the windows on doors. My problem is
that the window at drivers door will
go slowly down a couple of milli-
meters, the window will then be a
little noise.
It´s a -92 modell with mechanics windows.
I don´t know if the slide holds the
window up or if it´s something in
the handle mechanics.


Astra 1.4i sidewindow - AR-CoolC
Sounds like the mechanism needs a small adjustment. I don't know how good you are at DIY. Remove door card, towards the back of the door about level with the lock you will see 2 10mm bolts that apear to be connected to nothing, these are for adjusting the mech. wind the window to the top, then loosen the bolts just a little, standing behind the door place a hand on each side of the glass and pull towards you. then tighten up the 2 bolts. wind the window up and down a few times to check. also while you are in there it cant do any harm to put a LITTLE grease on the slides of the mech.
Astra 1.4i sidewindow - Steve Brautigan
I have a 94' Astra with normal winding windows and have noticed the same problem, also seem to have a perment whistle at any speed above 50mph, any ideas?
Astra 1.4i sidewindow - J500ANT
On an old Fiat Punto i had when the window was totally up the handle was able to drop by gravity (ie to lower the window you wound the handle downwards) Fiat solved that by taking the handle off, and turning it so that the natural "fall" of the winder handle meant that it was pushing the window up instead of down.
Oh dear, i havent explained that too well. Read it 4 times, if it makes no sense then, email me!

Astra 1.4i sidewindow - Dynamic Dave
IIRC, my Dad's earlier Astra suffered with this. J500ANT has just reminded me how I cured it for him. The window winder handle - when the window was fully closed - was positioned in such a way that occasionally your knee would move the handle without you realising and undo the window slightly. Cured simply by removing the handle and repositioning in a slighly different orientation. To remove the handle you'll need a short piece of stiff wire and bend a small hook at one end. Push in the door trim slightly around the window winder and you should see a metal clip that holds it on. Using the bent wire, hook onto clip and remove it from handle. You should be then able to remove the handle from the spline shaft. Refit the clip to the handle and press the handle back onto spline shaft in a different position.


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