406 price - Andy22
trying to sell soon, but its a high mileage!

ex company car bought at 110K now on 125K i've just had the cambelt done, and a full new exhaust, and a few months ago new discs and pads. 1.9tdlx with air con, abs, electric heated wing mirrors etc..... 11 months tax and mot and totally spotless inside, you could mistake it for a brand new car.

what price am i looking at for a private sale(if anyone will buy it cos there is so many)?

i need £3500 to be honest and even then i will have lost £1000 in a year
406 price - No Do$h

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406 price - smokie
Why sell if you've spent so much on it recently, and are losing a lot?
406 price - Andy22
98 (s)

not looking for quick sale maybe a few months.

just though now was a good time to sell as major things have been done so real car buyers would know it'll be in good nick for a while yet. thats why i want £3500
406 price - No Do$h
Hmmm. Not convinced you've started your target price with the right number. Did you mean to type a "2"?

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406 price - No Do$h
In all seriousness, local dealers have these on the forecourt for £2995-£3495, but that may just be down to local supply & demand.
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406 price - Andy22
autotrader and parkers price seems about right.

125k with recent cambelt ex company car, i would like to see the dealers with the price of £3000
406 price - M.M

I don't care about high mileage myself but the 406 LXTD is a common car so folks get plenty of chances to go for a much lower milage one than yours.

What is the auction price, I'm guessing about £3,000 for one with around 80K recorded? Where do you think that puts yours at 125K? £2,500 or less?

Once a car has three times the expected mileage it is hard to value and bids tend to be on the daft side of low.

If you were prepared to have a '98 on an R there are two near here for around £2,700ono...one with 110K recorded and the other 80K.

Those prices should give you a guide.

Remember once years ago buying a mint Audi 100 that would have retailed at £3000 plus if it was around the expected 40,000 mls. It actually had 85,000 recorded so the chap was asking what he thought was a reasonable £2000. Eventually we took it from him for £1200, he was almost in tears. Thing was our valuation was right (or too high!) because we were the only folks with the dosh who actually put in a genuine bid.

Good luck with yours anyway.

406 price - No Do$h
I can give you some 'phone numbers if you like? So tempted to make the link between telephone numbers and the target price, but will restrain myself ;o) Only kidding!

As my old sales manager used to say: "If you don't like my valuation, try and sell your car to Parkers. And whilst you're there, see if they've got the car you want on their forecourt...."

As I said in my earlier post, it is probably simply down to local supply and demand, as "Rep-spec" 406 TDs are two a penny around here. It's strange but certain cars are more sought-after in some parts of the country than others. A good example is Audi A4 Avant. Rocket-ship prices in Bournemouth/Poole but much more sensible in Nottingham. Don't ask me why!

The best bet is suck it and see. Most autotrader type mags give you the opportunity of a 3rd week for free and you can always revise the price if nobody is biting. Looking at your local rag will also give you a better idea of the local pricing for your car.

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406 price - Andy22
well i was thinking part ex, so in reality i'm might get £3000-£3500 for it but i would pay the list price or advertised price in the dealership, is that correct?

obviously with plenty of bartering with the salesman too!
406 price - Andy22
any views on the part ex price?
406 price - No Do$h
Hello again!

P/ex March onwards, just after the world and their dog have changed their cars, will be a bad time to p/ex as the market will be full of ex-fleeters that have just been changed (see the Auction report posted on this site today)

Depending on what you are p/exing against, you may get £2500 if the car you want needs shifting, but against anything halfway desirable? Forget it. Your car will be on their forecourt at low £3k so you may be offered as low as £1900.

If you get offered over £2500 it's because the car you are buying has an overinflated price and they are "giving" you a slice of the profit. It's called an overallowance.

If you find yourself in that situation, don't be surprised to see a different set of figures on the order form and the invoice. When an overallowance is applied, the p/ex is written back to it's "stand-in value" (what the dealer sees as it's true trade value, also known as "what the car owes") and the new car is written back by the same amount to limit the amount of VAT on the deal.

I would suggest you start poking around dealers now with a view to changing before 01/03 for the best deal. Most dealerships will have your arm off for a sale in late February.

Happy hunting!

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