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I am desperate for some advice and/or experience to help me decide on my next car.

I am looking for a Crossover and here are my decision criteria in order of preference:

  • Very comfortable ride, especially in London which is ridden with speed bumps and potholes
  • Quiet
  • Automatic (dual clutch or another 'lively' type of box)
  • 9s max for 0-62mph (my current Seat Toledo TDI does just that and I would like to match or better it)
  • Reliable

I don't care much about (although I could live with):

  • Handling (as long as it is not bad)
  • Looks
  • Big wheels

So far I shortlisted:

  • Skoda Yeti Elegance DSG 4x4
  • Mazda CX5 2.2d
  • Volvo XC60 (although I'm not sure about their reliability)

Any pointers or experiences would be greatly appreciated.

Ian, Golders Green, London

Comfortable & Quiet Crossover - oldtoffee

You don't say if you're looking new or used.

The only Yeti to accelerate that strongly is the 1.8TSi - none on Autotrader all 1.2TSis and diesels. You get a firmer ride with the 1.8 so it may not suit a lot of use in town but only you could decide on that with a test drive.

The Mazda and the Volvo get close with times in the 9 seconds area.

The Mazda seems to be having a few dpf and oil issues in Australia so should be ok here! HJ rates the petrol over the heavier and noisier diesels. Supposed to handle really well.

Volvo will be comfy but the diesel engines are dated compared to competitors and the auto isn't at all "sharp" and the ride quality isn't good.

The VW Tiguan with the 177bhp diesel does 8.5 seconds. I've driven a 140 bhp and of all the cars I tested (Santa Fe, Outlander, CRV, RAV4, XC90) it was easily the most refined and absorbed the bumps better than the others. Not big enough for me and too expensive from VW dealers who tbh haven't got a clue.

FWIW I have the previous generation Santa Fe with the 2.2 diesel, auto, 194bhp, 436nm torque (a fair bit) and it is 9.9 to 60 apparently. Saw 127mph (gps) on a flat autobahn and felt very solid. If you use the tiptronic auto you can extract a bit more go but the torque on normal auto pulls you along well enough for a 2 tonne SUV. Very comfy and refined on a run but set up firm for European handling tastes so a little bit bouncy over the speed bumps. Not as economical as the manufacturer believes or I would like but the rest of the proposition is very good. Ditto Kia Sorrento.

If money almost no object a BMW x3 3.0d would be my choice. Otherwise the Mazda looks a very good modern choice.

Comfortable & Quiet Crossover - IndigoJersey

Thank you so much for the reply.

I want to spend around 30k - new or lightly used.

Interesting point you made about the Volvo's engine. I'll have to think that one again.

Havent thought about the X3 as I assumed that they are tuned for handling and not for comfort.

Also, I never even looked at the Tiguan or Q3.

I think it is back to the drawing board and I will defo have to test drive them over some bumpy typical London roads.

Many thanks for taking the time to respond.

Comfortable & Quiet Crossover - Happy Blue!

Kia Sportage or Hyundai ix 35? Honda Crv? Lots of alternatives and frankly 9 seconds 0 - 60 is meaningless in Golders Green as the traffic is so heavy. I went from a 3.0 V6 petrol speed machine to 2.0 litre diesel 7 seater and do not miss the power; in fact the torque is better so in gear performance is superior.

Comfortable & Quiet Crossover - Avant

A lot of crossovers have quite stiff suspension as they are designed, some more than others, to go off-road. You'd need to test drive them and see which if any of them are comfortable enough.

I agree with Happy Blue - the 0 - 60 time isn't as useful a statistic as it sounds. Pulling power through the gears is what you need, and a powerful diesel like a 170 bhp Yeti should have enough performance for you. Also try the Audi Q3 as this has the option of deleting the sport suspension.

Comfortable & Quiet Crossover - IndigoJersey

Thank you all for the replies.

0-60 figure was just for reference to pulling power - so yes I think the Yeti should do it.

Liking the Q3 but it is very easy to spec it to over £30k lol.

I'll do some test drives and report back here.

Thanks again

Comfortable & Quiet Crossover - Chris79
I've got a 2.0 tdi q3, the 140 hp variant. It is on the standard suspension and is comfortable. The ride is noticeably better than the a4 it replaced, partly down to the deeper profile tyres.

It is refined and well put together however as you say it's easy to get carried away with the options list. I got mine from new and the dealers are prepared to do a deal.

I looked at a Tiguan. I never drove it as I wasn't keen on the interior.

Good luck hunting.
Comfortable & Quiet Crossover - Chris79
Ps I see a Kia sportage has been suggested. I did test drive an 1.7 diesel version of this in manual format. Great car with many selling points. However I found it was unrefined at motorway speeds.
Comfortable & Quiet Crossover - Piowolf

Very comfortable ride and Skoda Yeti ? Come on, not a chance. OK, maybe it's not that bad after all, but I certainly wouldn't call it "very comfortable".

Kia Sportage ? Naaahhh...

Mazda CX5 ? Better, but still rather hard on potholes.

BMW X3 and Volvo XC60 ? Now that's a different story, but pricey at the same time.

If you're on a budget, I would say Nissan Qashqai +2 does the trick, partially due to its bigger wheelbase (in comparison to an ordinary Qashqai), but mainly because of its relatively soft suspension. That was my initial impression, anyway. Just make sure you don't get 18" wheels.

Oh, and VW Tiguan with those DCC semi-acvtive shocks. An old car, really, but otherwise very nice.

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