Rover 414i any thoughts? - rhinocratic
Current car heading for the scrapheap so I'm looking for a replacement.
Locally, there's a p reg rover 414i low mileage (allegedly) and in what looks to be good condition. (That's all teh details I have so far).
I know nothing about this make so would be grateful for any advice you guys can give.
Rover 414i any thoughts? - No Do$h
I ran a 416SLi (96/N) for 3 years / 50,000 miles from late '99. Changed it in December. I think HJ's Car-by-car covers it pretty well.

Other things to watch:
Would recommend (if it has ABS) that you check the ABS pump for any evidence of water ingress. Undo the bolts holding the wiring plug and check for any signs of corrosion (blue copper) or scorching. If you see this, run a very long way as you are looking at £600+.

Make sure all the right lights on the dash come to life on start-up and go out after about 4 seconds (esp. airbag and ABS). It wouldn't be the first time a dealer has disconnected a warning light to hide a fault. Also check engine management light as this could spell the end of the cat. Cat is about £200 from ATS.

Get two remote blippers and make sure they both work. £80 for a replacement.

If you get any suspension knocks or clonks it could be one of two things: Suspension bushes or rear brakes binding, causing the calipers to flex. Brakes are about £150, bushes are about £200 per corner.

Check headlamp alignment. It is an absolute swine to change bulbs on the headlamps so they are often "forced" in, changing the beam pattern of the headlamps. It's easy to fix, but make sure you get the dealer to fix it rathern than losing the skin from YOUR knuckles.

Usual trim/electrical bits. If it has a switch for it, use it and make sure it works!

Check all lights/mirrors for damage. Rover have discontinued a lot of these parts for the 400 and are only knocking out 45 shape lights/mirrors. If they are damaged you face a long wait or a scrabble around a breakers yard. This is part of the reason for so many cheap 400s at the moment, but should sort itself out as more "pattern" parts are being made. Well worth contacting "Best of British" in the Midlands for pattern and recon parts. Very cheap and good service.

As a rule, I think they are realy good value for money, offering comfortable motoring for little money. Just make sure you get a good un.
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Rover 414i any thoughts? - Toad, of Toad Hall.
I've talked about this before. Problems I would look for are:

1) MFU - Multi Function Unit (This controls interior light, rear demister, lights on buzzer among other things) Check all of these.

2) Rear swing arm bushes.

3) Boot leaks.

4) Apparently prone to gasket failure - mine went at 140k.

Erm that's all I can think of that have tended to gone wrong on the ones I've owned/come across.

I've owned 2 and they've been great.
These are my own opinions, and not necessarily those of all Toads.
Rover 414i any thoughts? - lady driver
this may be a bit late, but recently bought a 414 s reg from family, no history of problems, the morning after driving it home, noticed water leak underneath, after various investigations turned out to be the dreaded head gasket , a very small leak only apparant when engine was cool, had to have head gasket replaced, which cost a cool £650 !!!! would advise careful inspection of engine when cold, as apparantly they are notorious for this.....mine had been garaged for some time before I got it, and nobody relised there was a problem...
good luck!lady driver
Rover 414i any thoughts? - king arthur
had to have head
gasket replaced, which cost a cool £650 !!!!

£650 for a head gasket job? Now there's an example of "rip off Britain", should have been between £300 - £400.
Rover 414i any thoughts? - Morris Ox
P reg with low mileage? Wouldn't do it.

If it's really low miles it's just not good for a car. I'd expect a P reg to have at least 40-50k on the lock. Anything significantly below that and it's not been used enough.

As other contributors have indicated the K-series 1.4 has a reputation for damage through coolant leaks.

If you really like the look of it go over the service history with a fine-toothed comb and find out exactly what it's been doing. If it's had a life of short, occasional journeys leave well alone. Doesn't do a car any good.

Rover 414i any thoughts? - Big Cat
The K series has a very small coolant capacity, even a minor leak which most other engines could tolerate is enough to cause the K series to blow. See HJ's car by car breakdown for full details, endorsed by a Rover mechanic I know. At his garage they used to do no end of head gaskets, although the good news is he says the problem has now been sorted, something to do with using metal rather than plastic cylinder head alignment dowels.

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