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All Makes - New WIKI OBD Web site launched - The Diagnostic Box
The Diagnostic Box are pleased to announce the release of its FREE Diagnostic Socket Locator, the WIKI OBD web site.

The web site has been designed to work best Smart Phone screens, but can also be used on PC's, Tablets and other devices.

Have you ever been out trying to locate a diagnostic socket, spent 5 minutes or more hunting around, taking off panels, unscrewing parts of the car, called a friend to see if they might know ? and it took you longer to find the socket than it did to diagnose the problem.

I am sure we have all been there.

Well now there is a simple and easy way to locate the location of the diagnostic socket and the great thing is, its FREE !

Initially the web site has been populated with mostly cars, but additional locations for Trucks, Boats and Motorcycles will be added.

It will save you time and money, and some embarrassment in front of the customer !

Why not give it try…

The Diagnostic Box

Advanced Technology for the Marine and Automotive Industry.


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