Volkswagen Touran 2008 - VW woes :-( - VW_Fan2013

Hello all,

I'm looking for some advice on how to proceed. Longish story so will try to keep it factual + brief.

- July 2011 purchase used approved VW Touran from a VW main dealer. 08 reg FVWSH, 20,000 odd miles, 1 owner.

- Jolly good car no problems. But approx. 20 month on (March/April 2013) I notice rust on the drivers door. Away from the edges and seams, approx 4" from the bottom of the door + 4" away from the leading edge of the door.

- Take it to a VW bodyshop who tell me its had paintwork, filler is sinking and rust has appeared. Poor repairwork. My corrosion warranty is invalid due to damage/repair. This is all news to me! (receive a quote for £950 to fix it by method of a new door)

- Selling dealer + VWCS cannot help due to time elapsed from buying it. Dealer denies any work carried out on car. VWCS offer 30% good will off internal VW quote of £1300 so effectively £950 ish anyhow.

- As im still not happy and trying to work out when my car was damaged/repaired and why I wasnt told when purchasing etc, I contact the 1st owner. He confirms damage to drivers door when he px'd car to garage April 2011!!!

- Now upset that i'd been lied to, I approached VWCS with this info. Dealer now confirms 'smart repair' was carried out prior to my purchase.

- I'm unsure where I stand. Their repair is not warrantied (due to elapsed time). Dealer does not want to know. Anti corrosion warranty is void due to dealers repair (only on drivers door). VWCS only offer 30% towards repair of approx £1300.

- Car is still under approved warranty (I've been extending it). FVWSH 28000 miles (hardly used)

Any advice for me? or just bite the bullet and do a private repair £960 ish from VW bodyshop. I always buy my cars low mileage from VW dealers, always service etc on time + extend warranty for 3 or 4 years.

Not majorly angry, just disappointed in myself really. I try to avoid these situations by, buying approved from VW dealers for peace of mind.

I suspect I will learn from this and purchase VW's elsewhere, get an RAC inspection for the mechanical side of things + befriend a body work specialist + pay him/her to give it the once over!

any advice most welcome!

cheers VW_Fan2013 (well not at this exact moment in time lol)

Volkswagen Touran 2008 - VW woes :-( - ardeen
Hi. I have a similar problem but I think there is more to this problem. We bought a 9 month old demo vehicle. When we viewed the car at the VW dealers it had a small crease in he leading edge of the passengers door. They fixed it and the defect was invisible. The door has been over extended again and the filler has cracked with rust visible. The drivers door has been creased as well in the last couple of months.

I think there is some form of defect, weakness or vulnerability with the door hinge arrangement which can cause this type of damage. I have been looking at other Tourans and seen other vehicles with this type of damage. I have searched on line (that's how I found this post) to see if there was any trends or history on this issue but I haven't found much.

If we could prove a design flaw or a known issue then your leverage with VW would be much greater.
Volkswagen Touran 2008 - VW woes :-( - VW_Fan2013

Hi, thats interesting. I must admit after your note I did go and check the other doors on my VW. I observed a few Touran's locally when the opportunity presented itself, and I did not see the creasing you describe. I too did google and couldnt find much, even tried larger models throughout the VAG range.

Have been re-contacted by VWCS, they are looking into it again. Have sent them the letter from the previous owner detailing the damage after they part exchanged the vehicle.

Oh, scrap that thought! VWCS just phoned. Investigation complete, no further action or goodwill. Oh well, some you win, most you lose. Lesson learnt! Will get a thorough bodywork inspection + RAC mechanical check next time and maybe steer clear of main dealers, for the vehicle purchase at least.

As a side note, I should receive a written response from the Head of VWUK detailing VW's official stance.

- VW's albeit 'Used Approved' are sold as seen. Upto the customer to check bodywork + mechanicals!

- Used approved vehicles 'may' have some repair (to VW's standard), customers do not have to be made aware.(Obv only minor work not cat c/d etc)

- Smart repairs/bodywork only carry a 12 months guarantee.

- If repair fails/rusts after 12 months, your on your own!

- And the kicker, the panel on which you have had a smart repair (even when carried out by a dealer) is excluded from any future anti corrosion guarantee.

I hope this information is of use to someone. I'll post back the comments from the MD once I receive his written reply to confirm the points above. Heck, if i can work out how to upload the letter (and if it will be of use to anyone) I will.

Good day to you! VW_FAN2013


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