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Mini one 1.4 auto - Engine oil - wanda2007
My wife has a 2007 Mini One 1.4 auto with 25000 miles on the clock (purchased by us 2 years ago with around 21000 miles on the clock). She covers about 150 miles every month - mostly town driving. It does get a run down the motorway every couple of weeks. It has a full BMW service history.

I have noticed that it uses about 1 litre of oil for every 800 - 900 miles it covers. My Vauxhall Astra 1.9 CDTi auto ( also 2007 reg - 34000 miles on the clock) has not required an oil top up since its last oil service (about 6000 miles ago). My Astra covers about 500 miles every month around town with a motorway run every couple of weeks. It has a full service history.

I know nothing about how cars work (and have very little interest in finding out!!!). However I do understand the importance of maintaining them correctly - both cars are serviced when required and the oil level/tyre pressures etc are checked at least every 2 weeks.

I was wondering if it is normal for a low mileage Mini to use such a lot of oil. The Ford Ka my wife drove for 4 years prior to getting the Mini never used any oil between services.

Thank you in advance for any help!

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Mini one 1.4 auto - Engine oil - injection doc
Sadly they are renowned for guzzling oil ! They are poorly built. The engine is a Chrysler neon engine , yes an American design and not the best build quality , just make sure you don't run it low on oil like so many mini owners have !
Mini one 1.4 auto - Engine oil - focussed

It sounds as if your Mini One was not run in properly in the period before you owned it. By properly I mean given enough work and load to run it in effectively,the cylinder bores could be slightly glazed affecting the piston ring sealing, in other words it's probably been cosseted. Nothing much you can do really, if it isn't causing other problems leave it alone.

There is reference here to a method for bedding in piston rings employed sometime ago on Caterpillar diesel engines - sounds horrible,just included it for interest.


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