Nostalgia........ - Mark (RLBS)
An excellent idea from Graeme (C5_Owner)
Nostalgia........ - Mark (RLBS)
People wanting shots of Redex

Jag Owners hunting down garages which still supplied 5 star petrol

Wartburg Owners wanting 2 star

Daf owners wanting 3 star

Arguments with car drivers as to whether they had asked for 5 gallons or 5 punds of petrol

Shots of 2-stroke oil

Little cans of oil with the foil pull-off strip on top

Petrol at less than 50p per gallon

My Norton Dominator

My [blush] Reliant Robin

And so much more........
Nostalgia........ - Bromptonaut
World cup coins etc free with 4 gallons

And tumblers, still running down the MoL's collection

Quad green Shield Stamps

Put a tiger in your tank, and a tail in the window

Minis that needed their suspension pumping up

The smell of an old mini (equal parts petrol and musty underfelt)

Push button radios

Dad's Simca 1500 estate, with a boot floor that lifted out and unfolded into a picnic table.

Nostalgia........ - Mark (RLBS)
Oh those world cup coins ! I remember them, about the size of the current 10p piece ! Esso, I think it was.

You could get a cardboard poster with cut outs to put the coins in.

Ford Anglias painted with black, gloss house paint and a 4\" paint brush (It needed cleaning up to go up to Richmond Ice Rink for a date !).

Black Jacks (1d for 4)

Old threepenny bits and half-crowns. 10 bob notes.

farthings - with the wren on the back.

Lucky Bags

oh I could go on..........(and probably will)

Nostalgia........ - Bromptonaut
Steps forward thirty years

naughty word software that stopped you spending a quarter penny,

back to the present,

good job they renamed the first services out of Dover on the M2

Nostalgia........ - Dynamic Dave
f***hings - with the wren on the back.

Mark, I thought you were exempt from the swear filter?
Nostalgia........ - Mark (RLBS)
Put it right now. Stuff happens.
Nostalgia........ - Mondaywoe
Parking lights that you clipped over the driver's window.

Plastic 'stick on' demister panels for the rear screen.

Dodgy repair techniques before MOTs. I knew a man who repaired a nasty rust hole in his Triumph Herald - with Fablon (remember Fablon? Extensively used before Formica held sway!)

Mythical 'tips'. Another chap I knew always polished his car with diesel oil.

Then there was the egg cracked into the radiator to repair a leak ('Bars Leaks' if you were 'professional' about things like that!)

Colourtune plugs (got one in the garage somewhere!)
Remarkably accurate they were too!

Whitewall tyres.

Sheepskin steering wheel covers. Aargh!

Wolseleys that had illuminated badges at night.

'Practical Motorist'! Remember how you could 'strip your engine, decoke the head, fit new 'Cords' rings and reassemble in a weekend using home made special tools that could easily be made up on the home lathe.(Surely every handyman had a lathe in the shed in those days?)

Changing Beetle wheel bearings using a stout length of scaffold pole......

Enough for a night!!

Nostalgia........ - Andrew-T
You could seal a radiator with all kinds of edibles besides eggs - mustard, porridge oats to name two.

Trafficators; running boards; petrol 4/11d a gallon.

I remember them, but no, I wasn't old enough to drive them.
Nostalgia........ - Mondaywoe
OK..let's go for it!

My folks first car was a 1960 Hillman Minx. Because the car was brand new and I was only 6 at the time, it was decided to specify seat covers - fitted before leaving the showroom. Fair enough, but in those days the seats were benches and my folks reckoned that thick, clear plastic covers were most practical. In practice, you slid from one side of the car to the other every time the driver cornered (no seat belts in those days!) On hot days (with short trousers!) your thighs stuck to the plastic or sweated unbearably so usually I stood up in the back with a foot on either side of the transmission tunnel. This was fine until I grew fairly tall and on one particularly big bump my head hit the interior light (middle of roof, remember!) and smashed it!

My present car has 6 airbags, 3 seatbelts in the back etc etc. The very thought of having a child STANDING in the back - never mind sitting unbelted wasn't a concern in those days. Of course there wasn't much traffic and the Hillman used to cruise at about 45 MPH!

The car came with a 'Running in Please Pass' sticker - boy we were proud of that - it was a status symbol!

My dad also shelled out an extra £10 on 'extras' - a Smith's heater!!

The car was kept for 13 years and those same seat covers were removed the week it was sold - leaving the seats pristine. What a waste! Those 'ribs' of vinyl could now be felt under you for the first time - comfort! bliss!

Did anyone watch 'The Royal' on Sunday night? It's nothing special storywise, but I just love to see those old vehicles scuttling around again!

Come on folks, lets have some memories!

Nostalgia........ - frostbite
Popular items I sold from my 60's accessory shop:-


Steering wheel gloves

Windscreen washer kits

Rev counters

Probably loads more I can't instantly recall....
Nostalgia........ - Oz
Bench front seats

Drive-in movies, where you opened the Thermos in order to fog up the windows

Oz (as was)
Nostalgia........ - Pugugly {P}
When BMWs were actually exclusive.

The last sexy Vauxhall - the Firenza Droop Snoot 2.3

Frozen condensation on the inside of a Mini van's roof.

Quiet roads after 10 o'clock at night.
Nostalgia........ - smokie
Little indicators on arms between the front and rear doors...

Me Dad's two tone Minx (grey and pink!)
Nostalgia........ - Jonathan {p}
well before my time (mostly)

How about, half day shopping on a wednesday
Sunday opening (what?)

Engines that would do more than 60k, chassis that would last more than 2 winters

servo or even disk brakes.

chap walking in front of car waving a red flag.

Nostalgia........ - Tom Shaw
Camshaft kits for Fords

Tax disc holders that were also a radio arial

Old style Guiness labels to go in the above

Les Leston driving gloves

Policemen who advised you to drive carefully if you were drunk

Policemen who were more drunk than you


Cars whose bonnets you could open and understand what most of the bits were

Brand new cars with rust starting to show

Nostalgia........ - HF
And there was me thinking that I was one of the oldest people on the site!

I remember Blackjacks, of course, along with Fruit Salads, but I seem to remember them being 2 for a penny. Whether that was an old or a new penny, I have no idea.

Front seat benches - I remember way back when thinking my auntie's car was really cool because of the extra seat at the front, squashed in the middle of the 2 adults. Of course, we can't have had seatbelts then, I suppose - makes me shudder to think of putting one of my little angels at the front (or rear!) of any car with no seatbelt!

All the rest of the stuff mentioned here so far, I have absolutely no idea about!
Nostalgia........ - John R @ Work {P}
IIRC Blackjacks & Fruit Salads were 4 for a 1d (Pre decimalisation)

This was in the 1960s...

John R
Nostalgia........ - HF
IIRC Blackjacks & Fruit Salads were 4 for a 1d (Pre
This was in the 1960s...
John R


My recollections must be post-decimalisation. Definitely only got 2 for a penny in my day.....
Nostalgia........ - Mark (RLBS)
I assure you that I remember, I was emotionally scarred by this on decimalisation morning...

I went in the shop expecting to get 10 blackjacks for 1 new pence, and would be logical since it was 4 for a penny before, and they only gave me 8.

This was despite the fact that it was only a couple of years before that they had gone up from 4 blackjacks for a ha\'penny which would have given me 20 blackjacks at decimalisation for 1 new pence.

An introduction to economics, politics and profiteering which has stood me in good stead over the intervening years.

They robbed us all on the price of Smiths crisps with the salt packet as well.
Nostalgia........ - HF
I don't understand old money. You said before that it was 4 for 1d. Now you say 8 for a penny was a rip-off.

I need this clarified, because it's starting to distress me - I'm *positive* it was always 1 Blackjack and 1 Fruit Salad for a penny.

I don't know where you grew up. Maybe we in the south have always been ripped off.
Nostalgia........ - terryb
Definitely 4 for 1d. I remember selling them, age 13, at my Saturday job. No-one has mentioned the candy shrimps - same price. Or flying saucers filled with sherbet!

Nostalgia........ - Flat in Fifth

4 for 1d (old pre dec penny) is correct

8 for 1p (post dec new penny) is also correct and a rip off.

It scarred me also.

What about those long strips of toffee , called ?? penny chews ??
Nostalgia........ - HF
Maybe my memory is letting me down here - this is very disturbing. Is it possible that the prices went right up over the next few years and it's this that I'm thinking of?
Nostalgia........ - THe Growler
Of course decimalisation was a rip-off.Now wait for the Euro!

Two Star Regent at 33 1/2p a gallon. BAh!
Nostalgia........ - Flat in Fifth
Another confectionary related memory.

A workmate coming back from a Swiss ski holiday and him spending most of the first morning wandering about muttering

"Nine (expletive deleted) bob for a Mars bar!"

And we all thought that the price was so utterly utterly ludicrously high that he must have made an error with the decimal point in the exchange rate.
Nostalgia........ - HF
Those sherbert dip tubes with the liquorice stick in them. Haven't seen those in many a long year.

And the days when sweetshops used to have everything displayed in those wildly exciting-looking glass bottles with the lids with glass knobs on top.

And 'funny faces' ice creams... The list is endless.
Nostalgia........ - Mark (RLBS)
Never mind that, I just paid £3-17-6 for a pint of beer. That's outrageous ! Even a telephone call cost 2/- as a minimum these days

HF - this might help

There's some other interesting stuff there as well.
Nostalgia........ - HF
Thank you Mark,

Can't believe it mentioned blackjacks, fruit salads, and pink shrimps too!

I felt a little better when I found this, though:

(sorry don't know how to do links)
Nostalgia........ - BrianW
"Those sherbert dip tubes with the liquorice stick in them. Haven't seen those in many a long year."

You can still get them, had one just before Xmas.

Still learning (I hope)
Nostalgia........ - Robin
For a good wallow in the sweeties of your childhood - and the chance to sample them again by mail order - take a peek at the on-line sweetshop:

Nostalgia........ - Dynamic Dave
And for classic tv themes:
Nostalgia........ - Dan J
Well, I guess I'm a lot younger than some here but something I really miss...

The smell, front windows down, of an engine being thrashed on 4 star.

The guy at the MOT garage saying "Ah well..." at the black/blue/grey smoke coming from the exhaust and writing you an MOT out anyway.

Petrol (as of when I started driving!) at 49.9p/litre.

Brings a tear to my eye thinking of my Fiestas (of the Ford variety...)
Nostalgia........ - HF
As a matter of interest, Dan, when was it 49.9p per litre?
Nostalgia........ - Dan J
Was just wondering what you were doing up at this time HF but I guess there is some irony in me wondering that! :)

I passed my test in 94, first car in 95 so that's when it must've been unless my old brain is failing me...

And I'm off to bed now as it's past my bedtime!
Nostalgia........ - HF
Dan you're absolutely right - I'm 17 minutes late for my bedtime!

As long as your 'old brain' isn't failing you, then I can safely say that prices are not what they used to be, nostalgia and all that - but can't remember - never actually look at fuel prices, if I need it I buy it, end of story ;)

I passed my test in 1994 too, FWIW, although I have a suspicion that you passed at a slightly younger age than I did!
Nostalgia........ - Tomo
R.O.P. at 1/7d a gallon, denounced as rubbish by Father.

Father's 1930 Humber 16 - right hand change and all - I was rather ashamed of its upright stance before he swopped it for a Rover 14 Sports Saloon (no rear quarter lights) but I would prefer it now!

Father dragging me from Lagonda stand at Scottish Motor Show saying "We're not interested in these" - meaning "I'd love one if I had all that cash", I think.

Austin 8 on which I practised drifting on wet causeys. (Spelling?)

Causeys - a menace to motor cyclists.

Likewise tram rails.

B31 with RN (remote needle) Amal, Gold Star cams and 8.8 compression ratio when the good petrol came in.

Good petrol.

Oh, I could go on; but above all being able to enjoy motoring with no worries, before all the snivelling anti car cranks wrecked it.

Nostalgia........ - No Do$h
Morris 1100 with no floor....

Mk I escorts with foot-pump windscreen washers

Being driven at 100 for the first time (in a Manta through the Cumbrian countryside) when oi were a nipper

Doing 100 myself for the first time (Cavalier on the Autobahn near Freiburg, 1989)

Replacing the head-gasket on a 1979 MkI Polo in my parent's garage on a Sunday afternoon (it started first time when put back together and is still going strong today)

That funny little esso man with the flame/drop head

Pink Paraffin for sale at the local Mobil

Save the Hedgehog car stickers

That space under the back seat in a Princess where you could hide from your brother.

No Dosh. Wasn't the sky bluer back then?
Nostalgia........ - THe Growler
Oh what a great thread!

Petrol coupons (that dates me). During ration there were no brands. YOu bought what was called "Pool" Petrol.

(extension of which.....) Alf down the road with the trilby hat and moustache who Dad used to meet in the pub to get black market kewpons from...)

Those perspex shaped thingies that mounted on your bonnet and allegedly deflected bugs from your windscreen. All the rage in '52.

Triangular plastic window stickers "We've been To Lynmouth", "Bognor", "Worthing" (who'd want to let on they'd been there ?!, "New Forest". It was de rigueur during the hols to amass as many of these as possible.

"4 and 4 shots please"

School chant: "Piece of tin and a piece of cord, put 'em together and there's a Ford". Fords were considered dreadfully naff for some reason in my family. Mother called them "common".

Cleveland Discol.

Starting handles. Poor old Dad with blisters trying to start one of his ancient relics with zilch compression and a flat battery.

King-pins and cable brakes with those butterfly adjusters in the cables.

Now then all you children go to the loo before we leave please, We don't want any accidents on the way.

50 mph on the Southampton by-pass!

Castrol XXL and Holts Piston Seal. Essential for a 1930's motor.

Gun-Gum for leaky exhausts.

Vinyl front bench seats (freezing cold but great for getting the girlfriend to slide over on right hand turns)

......wonder what today's nostalgia will look like in 40 years' time...

Nostalgia........ - Mark (RLBS)
>>Gun-Gum for leaky exhausts.

Did anybody *ever* get that to work ? I tried *so* many times and it always failed.

Whether it was the bandage which you then had to wrap wire around, or the gum stuff in the flat tin.

What was that gasket sealant stuff that was around ? Hermatite or something ? I never used to do well with that either - it used to get everywhere. Which was a pity since if you owned a Matchless and a Norton you rather had to be good with it.

How about when Minis had the long gear lever which went into the front of the bulkhead ?

Inner tubes and cross-ply tyres.

The wonderful vinyl roof

Cars which over-heated everytime they go stuck in traffic.

4 hour nose to tail trips for the 50 miles to the beach every bank holiday.

Red plastic seat covering.

Quarter lights.

Nostalgia........ - THe Growler
Actually the Gun-Gum bandage wasn't too bad. You wet it, then moulded it round the leaky area with some soft wire to hold it on, then heated up the pipe. Usually lasted till next payday anyway. The GunGUm in the tin was weird, no idea what it was made of, it seemed to have metal fibres in it. Worked well if you were fitting say, a new silencer on an old down pipe.

Hermatite red gasket sealant was a bit off, since it showed your bike/car had been in the shop lately. There was a much better grey one, forget the name, which was used by the cognoscenti. But there was also Hermatite green sealant which set hard, like varnish. My shop foreman Jack used to use this on rocker covers rather than the other. Search me as to why.

Those wobbly Mini gearshifts could be converted via a kit marketed by Paddy Hopkirk or someone to a neat little short lever.

My classic was a Ford Escort 100E engine which I took out of the car by myself at 9 p.m., fitted new pistons and whitemetal conrods, ground the valves, new clutch, reassembled it and had the whole thing running by dawn so I got to work on time at 8.30. All in the kitchen, Mother was not well pleased.

I also forgot leopard-skin plastic dualseat covers for motorbikes and furry tails you hung off the antenna on the back of your Lambretta (Lambrettas and THe Who, they were for wimps)

In those days you could get away with "Tax Applied For" on your windshield (Although PC Vine, who lived in the next street to me and rode a huge police pushbike, used to get a bit testy after seeing this for more than a few weeks! "I'll have to be having a word with your Dad", was his catchphrase).

....enough enough, we might wake up Tomo...

Nostalgia........ - Alfafan {P}
Talking of 100E's, wouldn't it have been a box-shape Anglia or Prefect? The ones where the faster you tried to go in the rain, the wipers slowed down. A cunning device to stop you speeding in wet weather?? When I say speeding, I'm talking in relative terms of course.
Nostalgia........ - THe Growler

Indeed it was a box type 100E Anglia. McPherson struts in the front. Don't laugh, they used to corner jolly well and the 3-speed box (hah!) was well ratioe-ed. Anyway I could beat my mate's ex GPO Morris van (bought for Six POunds from a GPO sell-off) back from the Black Horse pub at Findon to the chippery in Worthing any time (Radio London 266m playing the while, although the pirates did used to get a bit hard to hear of an evening). But the bottom end used to wear like nobody's business (these motors had no oil filter) and the main bearing rumble you learnt to live with.

The wipers didn't work but you could rig up some sort of storage jar where the "vacuum" could be stored. Lucas? Can't recall.

Of course the 100E was done for when the Mini appeared. I worked for a dealer then and it was SOP every Saturday night to nick the keys of one of the Minis standing on the forecourt to take your bird out. If you wanted to race with the boys, the Mini pickup was by far the best, though. Light back end and all that grip at the front...... Huge fun.

Pitch up in a Cooper of course and your chances of your paramour of the moment relenting were substantially increased! Alas this practie was soon detected by my employer and I was asked to seek a new career opportunity....
Nostalgia........ - Phil I
Ho Hum : Reminded me of the weekends I hitchhiked back to Birmingham from London 48/49 (was D of PE in RAF at time) Have memories of some really good and also b. awful journeys. Outstanding was Railton Six v. posh, Riley Pathfinder,and Studebaker Torpedo. Pillion from St. Albans to Towcester the weekend racing at Silverstone was on with a maniac on an Indian with no r/h footrest. (Burnt the side of my boot.!!!!) Mostly wagons tho struggling along the A5 up hill and freewheeling down the slopes.

Happy Motoring Phil I
Nostalgia........ - Dynamic Dave
What was that gasket sealant stuff that was around ?
Hermatite or something ?

Silicone Rubber adhesive - or Gorilla Snot[1] was it's other given name. I used to use it as a gasket replacement everywhere on my old bike engines, with the exception of the barrel and head gasket. Never had any leaks.

[1] Apparantely the nickname Gorilla Snot is now used as a branded name for silicone rubber adhesive.
Nostalgia........ - THe Growler
DD: branded and sold at all good US m/cycle dealers as Pig Snot.

Nostalgia........ - J Bonington Jagworth
"..wonder what today's nostalgia will look like in 40 years' time.."

Interesting question, Growler. In the UK, I think it might be just being able to take off and drive somewhere without official interference! Or being able to maintain anything on your own car. I think the last 50 years of the last century may even be seen as a golden age for motoring...
Nostalgia........ - FFX-DM
I passed my test in 1994 too, FWIW, although I have
a suspicion that you passed at a slightly younger age than
I did!

I too passed my test in 1994, and I suspect that I am somewhat midway between the two of you. At the time, with a bit of hunting, one could still obtain unleaded for less than 50p/L.

I have a Giles cartoon from the early 1970's with Chritmas decorations at the filling stations and the caption 'Don't you Merry Christmas me at 73p a gallon'

Petrol rationing, cars with smily faces (eg. Anglias), chrome, British Cars being British, Halewood, strikes, The 'Bond Bug', blue plastic pigs, playing in the street and there being no cars parked up nor car owners to come out and abuse you, the neighbours E-type (mmm!)...
Nostalgia........ - HF
Petrol rationing? I thought that ended a few years after the war!
Nostalgia........ - Ian (Cape Town)
IIRC they were close to re-introducing it in 1973.
A's and B's collected their ration coupons...
Nostalgia........ - terryb
I still have mine and SWMBO's from 1973 - and my father's from the 1956 Suez crisis. Since they were both the same pattern, they may yet come in useful some time!

Nostalgia........ - HF
IIRC they were close to re-introducing it in 1973.
A's and B's collected their ration coupons...

Certainly don't remember about that. Or blue pigs, either, for that matter.
Nostalgia........ - terryb
I remember buying petrol at 3/4d a gallon and FREE UCL shots
SAE30 oil 5 bob for a gallon.
Driving gloves with knitted string backs
Dodgy remoulds and second-hand tyres for the 100E and 105E
Esso tyres where you only paid for the tread you'd used if they punctured.
Which reminds me - vacuum windscreen wipers
My Dad's 1936 Ford 8 (in the 1950's) with a knob to wind open the windscreen.
Same car boiling going up Bury Hill in Sussex.
Taking the gear lever out to top up the gearbox oil.
That big cork in the floor of an Austin A30 to get at the gearbox oil nut.
Free soup bowls and glasses
AA men that saluted from their motorbike/sidecar combinations - if they didn't there was a speed trap ahead.
When derestricted meant derestricted but most cars wouldn't go much over 80 anyway!
So many more....

Nostalgia........ - Mark (RLBS)
Mini starter buttons on the floor.

Which was the car which had the battery under the back seat ? Was it the Maxi ?

AA Men who warned you of speed checks.

Triumph Herald exhaust pipes which always hung low in the middle and got knocked off fairly often.

Also, it was not uncommon to see (hear) cars with the horns stuck on. That doesn't seem to happen anymore. Did they change something or did switch gear just get better ?

I could go on forever on this subject........
Nostalgia........ - Andrew-T
Mark - the Mini starter button used to get grass in it rather easily .. ..
Nostalgia........ - Andrew-T
Mark - I had several Maxis, and the battery was always under the bonnet. Some Minis had them in the back because there wasn't any space at the front; I think the vans had them behind the driver.

I knew someone with a 1960 Simca in Canada whose horn always worked when turning left. Now that had some use in a RH-side country!
Nostalgia........ - Mark (RLBS)
Mmm, well I had a car with the battery under the back seat, and I can't for the life of me remember which car it was.
Nostalgia........ - Dynamic Dave
I had a car with the battery under the back seat, and I can't
for the life of me remember which car it was.

MG's had them under the back seat.
Nostalgia........ - Chas{P}
Mini Estates and Vans....
Nostalgia........ - Mark (RLBS)
There you go, it was my mini van. Horrible thing although I slept in it many a time at Reading and Knebworth.
Nostalgia........ - Phil I
Oh Dear and there was I thinking it would be a Daimler Conquest Century.

En Passant as the froggies have it. Had one of these a 57 mk11 from
1968 for four years. Had the original Oldham Battery which did not expire until 1971. Starting Handle may have had something to do with this.

Happy Motoring Phil I
Nostalgia........ - Orson {P}
Dad's 1949 Bentley Mk VI has it under the driver's seat. Also had a very discreet starting handle for if it ever "failed to proceed." Anyone tried turning over a 4 1/4 V6 by hand? I too remember petrol at 47p a litre, and the time when garage signs actually had the price in gallons...

Nostalgia ain't what it used to be.

Nostalgia........ - Richard Hall
Jewel-like red charge warning lights that flickered at idle.

The gentle glow of Lucas sealed-beam headlights.

Turning over your engine from under the bonnet by pressing the rubber button on the starter solenoid.

Tiger Tokens - 3 tokens got you a coffee mug.

Being able to buy a Herald head gasket set from Halfords.

Little short ignition keys with the number stamped on them - and you could buy them from Halfords as well.

Genuinely believing a Krooklok would stop anyone stealing your car.

Richard Hall
Nostalgia........ - bazza
Knowing that the misfire on the way home was just dirty points!

The joy of the SU carb and all its foibles...being able to adjust the mixture and idle speed to suit one's preference!
The satisfaction of tuning by ear...
120 mph Cooper S speedos!
That awful "bypass" hose replacement on the Mini!
Buying a complete exhaust for a tenner.
Smiths instruments.
Walking down the high street and hearing the tell-tale "clack clack clack" of an approaching Ford Cortina with the standard fit dodgy camshaft!
Marvelling at the Lotus Cortina - especially the noise!
Changing head gasket on a Marina in under an hour! Oh G*d, the Marina!
Nostalgia........ - mal
Nowt to do with cars but can you still get licorice root,oh and btw anniseed balls are not as good as they were in 60's, and what became of those nuts the size of peanuts that looked like a small root crop, were the called monkeynuts?.
Ahhh. the good old days.
Mal.(55years young).
Nostalgia........ - madf
My first car - a 1929 Riley 9 - (this was in 1967 as a student) with petrol tank mounted above the engine.. to fill it you opened the bonnet and poured petrol over a hot engine.
Petrol at 2/3 per gallon..

My 1946 Rover 16 - near immaculate - which suffered from petrol lock on a hot day.. And water splashed up through the floorboards in a flood..and rebuilding the steering column on the kitchen table of our first house...

My 1953 Rover 75 with leather bench fron seat.. great for a student as a passionwagon.

The word \"passionwagon\"

My first Mini estate with rusty subframe.
My second Mini estate with rusty subframe.
My third Mini estate with rusty subframe.

My father\'s new Austin 1300 with filler and welding rod showing when you opened the bonnet.

My first Allegro with quartic steering wheel which cut my hands.

Driving an MGB new in 1973 and wondering why anyone would want to drive a car with such heavy steering and abysmal handling.

The brakes failing on my Mini estate (see above), pulling on the handbrake to stop and one cable snapping due to rust.
The engine blowing up on my Mini Estate at 70mph and the conrod going through the side of the engine.

Giving up Minis as unreliable:-)

My first BMW - a 320i: comfortable smooth reliable and well built but abysmal handling in the wet round corners.

Nearly spinning a Mercedes 260E at 70mph when hitting a diesel patch on a long left hand corner en route from Johannesburg to Sun City :-(

Nostalgia........ - terryb

Complete exhaust for a Hillman Imp for £5.49!
Smiths instruments - what a rich vein! I fitted an oil pressure gauge in my 100E - simple but effective!

You had to mention the Marina though, didn't you!

Nostalgia........ - Mondaywoe
Scuse me while I pop on my anorak (Parka?)

Now - regarding the bypass hose on Minis, it was possible to buy a 'proprietory modification' in the form of a concertina type thing which compressed itself - popped in between the two stubs - then sprang back out and over, provided a good dose of Fairy Liquid (no, Sqeezy!) had been applied first!

There were, of course several letters to 'Practical Motorist' pointing out that although the 'concertina' was much easier to fit, it tended to be much shorter-lived than the genuine Unipart article.
There you go!

Now, I hear you cry 'Wotz a bypass hose?'

Nostalgia........ - Tomo
Wakened up again.

Steering wheel gloves.

Tartan seat covers (oh dear).

Wondarweld, Radweld, Radflush, Piston Seal, plastic metal, glass fibre kits - all used on Austin 8, with a sort of welded up construction and a pioneer of rusting out.

Petrol stations with Castrol cabinets and wonderful bizarre pumps, with whirly things in glass windows, vessels into which the juice was pumped manually before running into the tank, and
goodness knows what.

Forecourt service.

The expensive smell of Castrol R.

Kigass starting pump on dash.

Kits of varying weirdness to add screenwashing, heating, etc.

Coloured plastic shields over top of windscreens.

Parking 1929 Lagonda on bank with axles at a detectable angle with very little spring deflection - all done by chassis flexing, hence fabric bodies.

Twin sidemounts - two with shiny metal and chrome covers was posh.

Cars with rows of badges - not really good form.

Auxiliary lamps by Lucas, Marchal, Notek and various imitators.

Valve radios with humming vibrator power supplies.

Father's 1930 Humber 16, replaced eventually to my then relief by modern looking Rover 14, but I know which I'd have now.

Said parent dragging me from Lagonda dealer's stand at Scottish Motor Show, 1938. He said "We're not interested in these".
I suspect the poor man really wished he could afford one, as one has experienced personally since!

Collecting brochures at that show.

First XK120 at Earl's Court 1948; oh how I ached.

Nostalgia........ - Tomo
People telling the same story twice - still happens.

(Excuse - the machine ate one effort and one tried to retrieve it from memory.)
Nostalgia........ - terryb
Oh! Nearly forgot (it must be my age)

Girls in amazingly short skirts serving petrol and washing your windscreen. And I DO mean SHORT.

Nurse! The Tablets!!
Nostalgia........ - borasport20
whiplash aerials

nodding dogs

fluffy seat covers

8 track cartridges (an improvement over the in-car record player)

clip on window trays for putting your picnic on

I have to grow old - but I don't have to grow up
Nostalgia........ - joe
Going to the beach in the Cortina estate, 4 kids in the boot with a blanket and some pillows.

The Renault 4 with the dash mounted handbag holder.

Nostalgia........ - Slice
This is all getting too much (sniff)...

Sitting in the middle of the front seat of Grandad's Morris Oxford Estate - passing him the cigarettes that Granny lit for him (a safety measure, you understand).

Dad's first company car - an Austin A40.

Summer job at the local BL dealership, degreasing newly delivered Marinas and then touching-up the paint chips and rust spots.

50p tips from 5-star customers at the pumps - 2-star customers never gave a tip (cheapskates).

Second degree burns from vinyl seats that had been cooking in the sun for a few hours.


Jumpers for goalposts...
Nostalgia........ - Oz
My GT Cortina with an outwards-going dent in the rear wing. (Moral: if you have a 16 lb. bowling ball in the boot, take care when cornering).
Oz (as was)
Nostalgia........ - No Do$h
My GT Cortina with an outwards-going dent in the rear wing.
(Moral: if you have a 16 lb. bowling ball in the
boot, take care when cornering).
Oz (as was)

Managed the same trick with my Rover 400, only mine was with a full piggin (80 pints) of Ringwood Brewery True Glory that broke free from the rack I had placed it in. The boot never did shut properly after that, leading my a number of searches for immigrants at Dover and Calais!
No Dosh ** Quick, talk motoring, Mark's coming! **
Nostalgia........ - Oz
Managed the same trick with my Rover 400, only mine was
with a full piggin (80 pints) of Ringwood Brewery True Glory
that broke free from the rack I had placed it in.

No Dosh,
Are you sure it wasn't Old Thumper?? ;-)

Oz (as was)
Nostalgia........ - No Do$h
Are you sure it wasn't Old Thumper?? ;-)
Oz (as was)

No Dosh ** Quick, talk motoring, Mark's coming! **
Nostalgia........ - THe Growler
Agree about 8-tracks. Still reckon they\'re better than CD\'s and I still have one very battered Deep Purple one! Of course one needed the Capri to go with them. Or the offshore pirate radio station.

Did you know that silver paper from a fag packet was the ideal replacement for a blown fuse? That the same silver paper could also clean chrome? That newspaper cleaned a windscreen a treat? That steering column gearshifts (Zephyr, Hillman Minx) made things (slightly) easier when you had to deal with the formidable garments young ladies wore to protect their virtue in those days? (along with several Babychams of course).

That if you worked in a garage you could (a) get free oil just be saving up all the trickles from the empty cans, (b) furnish your front room with Green Shield stamps because all the foreign Merc drivers who pulled in didn\'t know what they were so you got to keep \'em (c)..well we won\'t mention that...

That your A35/Minor/Anglia etc engine would probably be smoking well after about 30k miles and that you could buy a set of Hepolite pistons, Glacier big-end shells, a Payken gasket set, a Fram Oil Filter made to measure so you could fit the whole lot on a Sunday (my record was doing a Vauxhall Victor AND the timing chain, between breakfast and pub opening).

That radial tyres changed our lives circa mid-60\'s? With a set of Pirelli Cinturatos you were not only the duck\'s guts cred-wise but you could also have your lady of the moment screaming with delighted terror as you chucked that old Cortina round the bends. Lifting the front outside wheel like those guys in L-Corinas at B/Hatch I never did manage, but not for the lack of trying. I remember feeling the heat wallet-wise when I had to pay six pounds eleven shillings and some odd times 4 for a set of those beauties. And that was trade price.

Gentlemen start your engines. Handbrake on. Gear in neutral (wiggle it). Switch on ignition. Pull out choke knob (just right. Too much and the damn thing will flood, not enough and it won\'t start). Pull starter knob. Your reward assuming everything is more or less in order would be a running engine (is that rattle the tappets or a sticking valve?) then, has anyone here ever, ever, asked his young lady to divest herself of her stockings (no not tights, this is in the days when women dressed properly), her stockings, so he can fabricate a fanbelt? Sandra Maddocks where are you now?


Nostalgia........ - Flat in Fifth
Driving miles out of your way because there was a filling station in Leeds giving eight times Green Shield stamps.

Being thought a flash git because you'd asked for a quids worth of petrol.

Nostalgia........ - James_Jameson
My Grandfather remembers a time when he and some friends were driving around like "lunatics" as he put it.

The local bobby, on his bicycle, stopped him and told them all to "go home before they got into trouble" (!)

Of course, in those days, you did just that.
Nostalgia........ - James_Jameson
Scraping off and treating yet another few rust bubbles on my 4-year old Triumph Dolomite EVERY weekend.

Plus, other necessary regular tuning / adjusting.
Nostalgia........ - Dereksn51
MGB GT's that rocked from side to side on tickover-who could tune twin SU's properly?Skinny cross ply tyres;my 1962 Singer Vogue like a gentleman's club inside but nearly dying of shock to find no floor in it;my trusty Morris 1300 imported from Jersey- beige with a red interior;changing the points if it ran badly;my brand new Opel Manta GTE in white-what other colour? and Beech nuts out of a machine-the fourth packet free!!Halcyon days>>>>
Nostalgia........ - FFX-DM
I must be a bit younger than some as I remember BEING one of the kids and dogs that had to travel in the boot of the Marina, or two the the front seat with the dog in the footwell (no seatbelts of course).

Travelling in the MGBGT sitting on the back of the seat and sticking our heads up out of the sunroof.

My friends dad had a Maxi in sludge brown and it had an 8-track and he was considered to be very cool.

Being one of 8 or 9 people squeezed into a Mini and being stopped by the police because somebody's legs were sticking out of the window and being told to get home quickly and not do such a silly thing again.

I bought shares in a clapped out old Rover - cannot remember the model - to get to a festival. It was brill. Mustard colour, belt style speedo, bucket seats, Arthur Daley charm... got us there and back cheaper than the train would have cost and we still got half out money back when we scrapped it afterwards!

Nostalgia........ - bazza
Couple more...!

Real police cars like Rover V8 3500S

Dolomite Sprint, the car your Gran drove that would easily see off an RS 2000!

John Player Special Lotus F1 car, in black. Anyone remeber those? Ronnie Petersson drove it I think.

Nostalgia........ - frostbite
Real police cars like Rover V8 3500S

Also, the Austin Westminster, which used to make a huge whooshing sound (didn't need two-tones) when booted.
Nostalgia........ - smokie
I was camped next to a black JPS Winnebago-type wagon which was reputed to be Petersson's at Le Mans last ear.
Nostalgia........ - Flat in Fifth
Real police cars like Rover V8 3500S


remember when for a time (thankfully short) they put those absolutely monster roof signs and light bars on P6 Rovers totally beggaring up the aerodynamics.

90 mph flat out and so unstable needed two lanes on the motorway; or did you never have the misfortune?

another nostalgia moment, Range Rover leaves scene of incident with telescoping flood light erected.

Nostalgia........ - Hugo {P} us there and back cheaper than the
train would have cost and we still got half out money
back when we scrapped it afterwards!

Actually GETTING money for a scrap car was something!

Nowadays to get one taken away you're having to pay £50 + Vat.

Heard a good story on a fly on the wall documentry a few years ago.

Student is stopped by police for driving a Mini that was obviously unsafe and is told to stop driving it and call a car breaker out to fetch it there and then.

Fortunately, he had just got home from uni (some 100 miles away) so giving it up was no hardship. He got £15 for it, not bad as he'd bought it at uni for a fiver and just wanted it to get him home for the hols!

Nostalgia........ - Mondaywoe
I reckon if we can get this sort of response to a thread on 'nostalgia' the following day, within a week we could put the whole lot in a book and it would be a best seller!

Reading this lot has been an absolute delight! Mind you, I can more or less date each poster by his responses!

(I'm 48 years and 2 months BTW.)

And they say 'nostalgia ain't what it used to be!'

(Well somebody had to say it!)

Nostalgia........ - bax
and the utter debauchery of Cliff and Livin' Doll on the jukebox at the Ace Caff plus rows of Goldies with clip-ons.
Nostalgia........ - 007
My Dad's real American Chrysler (FLL 463) which had to be laid up during the war years.

Black metal covers over headlights with just a small slit to allow light to comply with wartime lighting restrictions.

Hitchhiking...particularly the lift from Hednesford, Staffs, to North London in the back of a furniture van on a very comfortable sofa...everyone would stop for boys in blue in those days.

My 3rd car...the first to come with a heater.

Using monthly car petrol ration of four gallons (120 miles) on the Lambretta instead so as to get 400 miles.

Esso 'Keep your distance' stickers.

The arrival of CB...'One-Nine for a copy'...'Ten-Four Good Buddy'...and the film 'Convoy'.

...and much more.

Nostalgia........ - BrianW
" the lift from Hednesford, Staffs, to North London in the back of a furniture van on a very comfortable sofa."

My brother in law taking a group out in a Bedford minibus which had no seats in the back, so he just put in a selection of dining chairs and a small sofa.

Still learning (I hope)
Nostalgia........ - HF
Seems like I'm younger than I thought!

Although my very earliest music memory, if this is relevant, is liking Rolf Harris's 'Two Little Boys'. I was only tiny at the time, it didn't last, honest!
Nostalgia........ - smokie
Christmas not starting until December and Easter Eggs not in the shops on January 3rd...
Nostalgia........ - andymc {P}
Travelling from east coast (of Ireland) to west Limerick (almost the other end) two or three times a year every year of my childhood, to see extended family and stay on the farm. Spending substantial amounts of time lying around in the boot of the estate. Rear seatbelt - what's that? Counting the telegraph poles after I Spy got too boring. Knowing the roster of towns to pass through. Halfway there. Two thirds. Three quarters. Nearly. Looking forward to stopping for an ice-cream in Roscrea. Enduring hair being brushed by Mum so we were "presentable". Competitions (after arrival) to see who could jump the greatest height from the hay mountain in the barn. I ultimately won as I once managed to climb up the hay bales to roof level, which was higher than the two-storey house. Learning never to jump onto still-tied haybales from a great height (short lesson).

As a student - hitch-hiking from Dublin to south Derry most weekends of each summer for four years to see my girlfriend. Being picked up by a harassed-looking salesman in Armagh, because he'd ignored me in Dublin, Drogheda, Dundalk and Newry and I kept getting to each place ahead of him. Being offered a lift all the way from Dublin to Cookstown (this never happens) and then enduring the driver's racist ranting for four hours - still, it was a lift. Getting my girlfriend to travel the same way and spending hours on the road never getting tired of each other. One day on my own, deciding not to stick my thumb out for an hour halfway between Newry and Armagh because the warm sun and the breeze in the trees meant it was just too peaceful and beautiful to leave. Another guy on his way to Donegal going over an hour out of his way to take me directly from Dublin to where I was going. Being constantly amazed at people's kindness and consideration. My last time hitching that road was just a month after graduating, on my way up to get married the following day.
Nostalgia........ - HF
Aww - what a lovely post - keep happy, andymc!
Nostalgia........ - andymc {P}
Thanks HF!
Actually, there's a (tenuous) motoring link to my wedding day as well. As I'd hitchhiked up, I didn't have my suit with me so my folks were taking it up with them. Morning of the big day I was staying with my dad, brother and a pair of uncles in the guesthouse at Portglenone monastery (yes, I'm aware of the irony but it's one of the most chilled-out places on the planet, even if you're not religious) and I woke up thinking - "not nervous - great!". Had a great morning just looking forward to it all, then asked my dad where the suit was cos it would soon be time to change and go.

"Don't ask me - I haven't seen your suit" are words not normally guaranteed to send a chill through the heart, but there you go. Fortunately, my Mum had it at the hotel where the reception was to be. Long story short, my Mum ended up driving from the hotel to the guesthouse - 30 or so miles - only she omitted to bring the suit. So we had to go back to Cookstown in her hired Nissan Micra (motoring link!!!), and drove at 90 the whole way. Didn't know that car would do that! The car was literally airborne at least three times. Got to the hotel, showered & changed, looked for Mum & after five long minutes, found her trying her hat on at different angles. Expletive deleted. Then she took the thing off to get in the car anyway!
I ended up ten minutes late. Fortunately I'd picked the right girl - she saw the funny side!
Nostalgia........ - Dave_TD

Mum's '64 Ford Zephyr with a (red vinyl!) bench front seat, column change and umbrella handle type handbrake.
Red vinyl dashboard, horizontal speedometer, floor mounted dip switch, horn ring in the steering wheel.
Dad fitting front seatbelts to it. (Not inertia reel ones, but the type you adjusted to fit!)
Me standing in the back, aged about 5, door locked, window wide open, head out of window, when the door came open on a sharp bend! I hung on, mother knew something was up because "it went very quiet"!
Being made to sit in the front from then on. (But not having to wear the seatbelt!)
Nostalgia........ - THe Growler
....picking up on a few:

I worked for an "official SU agent, parts and service". The owner was well into his seventies. For tuning MGB's et al he would take a length of neoprene tubing, stick it in his ear, get a screwdriver, "listen" to each carb's airflow while muttering some sort of secret mantra over it, tweak the screwdriver, and lo! Your carbs had been expertly tuned by an official authorised SU dealer! 17/6d please.

Want yer brakes relined guv? No worries (this before bonded shoes). Punter handed over his worn shoes, I went into the back room, used a machine to drive the rivets out, found the new linings in the stores, went back, riveted them on the old shoes then bevelled off the rough bits on a bench grinder. And this was asbestos! I dread to think that might come back to haunt me one day.

Nobody will believe this: cousin and I had a Bedford CA Van we decided to drive to Nepal in '65 (we did actually make it). But the master cylinder packed up in Germany and the brakes got worse and worse. So we booked in at a camp site and pulled the m/c. Full of crud of course and nasty brown what was once brake fluid. Anyhow cleaned all this out and pondered what to do. Problem was the piston seal was stuffed and of course letting fluid past. After some thought we found that a 1 deutschemark coin was about the same size as the bore of the m/c. Putting this in with the old seal behind it, forced the old seal to, well, seal a bit better. Put it all back together, new fluid and so on. Net result was that braking capabilities, given a bit of pumping, were more or less restored and we proceeded happily on our way.

My 1955 Holden FJ in Australia was so rusty that you had to keep the rear doors shut at all times, otherwise the body would bow.
But we drove it 27,000 miles like that.

Learning to drive in UK and giving hand signals: flap hand up and down= I am slowing.

Car test (sorry you have to be really ancient to get this) 3 Highway Code questions. It is snowing and road signs are obscured. How do you tell a stop sign (then of course road signs had shapes according to what they meant). Er, well, er (racking brains, dunno, if it was snowing that bad I wouldn't be driving.
Got me pink slip and passed anyway.

Cold night going home on your motorbike. Stop at the chippery and get a Cod and 9 and a pickled onion (wrapped in newspaper before the nanies spoiled the fun). Stuff it inside your Belstaff Trialmaster jacket and both you and your dinner interacted to keep each other warm on the way home. But hold the vinegar....your sweater would smell terrible next day..

(Growlette dragging me off says stop trying to be old man, I suppose this has some meaning in her vernacular....)

Nostalgia........ - THe Growler
I swear this is my last.....

....Aertex knickers :-D
Nostalgia........ - BrianW
"....Aertex knickers :-D"

Learning to sail, girlfriend (now SHMBO) had disposable paper panties on.
She got a wet bum and tell me that the things simply disintegrated, leaving just the elastic.

Still learning (I hope)
Nostalgia........ - Oz

Memories of passing my UK driving test after ca. 20 years driving down under.
Decided to post my application after ca. 9 months in UK. DVLA returned all documentation and cheque: "Sorry sir, you have to take a test. However, you can drive on your Aussie licence for 90 days (or whatever, a hell of a lot less than 9 months!) after you entered the country."
1) Quick trip to Calais and back in order to re-enter the country and re-validate my Aussie licence.
2) Driving test, in Middlesbrough: crusty old examiner's face would have cracked if he smiled. "I prefer not to wear the seat belt thank you" (???).
I must have driven with some enthusiasm as the examiner felt bound to remark: "You must've thought you were chasing kangaroos down the street!"
For the sake of my pass, I naturally fell about at this shaft of wit.
Final oral question: "What is the road sign that shows you have just exited from a built-up area?"
I forget what answer I gave, but it led to his next question:
"The sign you just described: can you tell me where the nearest one of those is, to where we are now?"
I ventured a guess, somewhere just out of the town of Middlesbrough.
"It's in Calais", he said in Hitchcockian tones.
Anyway, sir, if you're reading this, thanks again for the pass.

Oz (as was)
Nostalgia........ - Chas{P}

What about your first car - the white Mini?

Local PC stopped us and I sat on the front wing hiding the suspect N/S front tyre! He was more bothered about your stickers on the back - Yorkie bar eater are you??

Happy days!

Nostalgia........ - mark (aberdeen)
First car 66 Hillman Imp van £275; boy oh boy; renewing head gaskets at side of road, forgetting to insert the one, tiny, oil ring!!

Changing a heater hose on the imp (about 10 ft front to back?)

Having to keep feeling that the hose was hot; if it wasn't your radiator was empty.

Manipulating the choke behind the driver for a cold start.

Replacing the rubber donuts!!

Putting bricks in the front to inprove handling (?)

Nostalgia........ - Hugo {P}
What about your first car - the white Mini?
Local PC stopped us and I sat on the front wing
hiding the suspect N/S front tyre! He was more bothered about
your stickers on the back - Yorkie bar eater are you??
Happy days!

Yes, How can I forget that Charles!

I didn't tell you about another memory I have of that car, which involved a joint 18th birthday bash at the Cornwall Coluseum.

I gave a load of people a lift home. The chap in the front seat was in no fit state to walk the couple of miles or so after the party. I opened his window to give him some air and also as an insurance policy against soiling the interior.

Now, bearing in mind I would never see the passenger side for months at a time because I always parked it against a wall, and I never washed it..... until I came to sell it!

I saw the left hand side for the first time since that party several months ago. My friend in the passenger seat HAD made a deposit out of the window, which had set to an artex like finish on the glisting white paintwork!

Nostalgia........ - Ian Cook
First time up before the beak - for speeding (1961). Best school shirt, but not the school tie. Clean shoes, doff the forelock and walk off two quid poorer.

Second time up before the beak -for speeding (1962).

"There's the makings of a hardened criminal here. Three quid - Take him down!"

Ian Cook
Nostalgia........ - terryb
It's notm otoring, but I had to do it to get the century.


Nostalgia........ - Dizzy {P}
Getting paid £4.6s.7d (about £4.33) a week as a first-year apprentice at Perkins Engines and being so superior to my friend who was getting only £2 a week at Hotpoint (1959).

Paying £2.10s a week for my lodgings and still having enough left (about £1.10s after tax) for nightly beer at about 1s a pint and the week's petrol for my 1937 Morris 8 at 4s.3d a gallon (1960).

Having to go up steep hills in reverse with a friend pushing because the Morris was too worn out to go up in any forward gears (no, not in Scotland or Wales, but quite often in East Anglia!). (1960)

Taking my fibreglass-bodied Ford 'special' out for its first spin and discovering that not 'boxing' the chassis let the body twist enough for the doors to fly open! Also finding that the £4 a year insurance leapt to £14.4s because the car was now classified as a sports car rather than a saloon. (1963)

Paying £3150 for a brand new three-bedroomed detached house with garage, with a mortgage of £19.2s a month (1967 - my weekly salary at the time being £18.11s).

Oh, there's lots more -- some not suitable for publishing!
Nostalgia........ - Shigg
I could have over looked these in the existing list -

Esso Blue and the associated jingle!
No syncro on first! I guess they'll be some who remember no syncro at all, but hey I'm just a kid!

Nostalgia........ - Mark (RLBS)
I think I posted this ages ago, so for a little variety........

usted me preguntó cómo sabía
era esso azul
Yo por supuesto contestado
con calidades más inferiores uno encuentra
el humo consigue en sus ojos

El Mark (tuercas)
Nostalgia........ - Citroënian {P}
You asked me (if/how) I knew Esso was blue,
Of course, I answered,
With a poorer quality
One finds smoke in your eyes.

Close? :-)


PS - No idea where it comes from though.
Nostalgia........ - No Do$h
Or as Babel Fish ( translates it...

you asked to me how esso knew was blue I of course answered with more inferior qualities one finds the smoke obtains in its eyes.

Hmmm, not quite there yet, are they.

No Dosh ** Quick, talk motoring, Mark's coming! **
Nostalgia........ - BrianW

You asked me how I knew
It was Esso Blue
Naturally I replied
With inferior supplies (or something like that)
Smoke gets in your eyes


The Esso sign means happier motoring
The Esso sign means happier motoring (writer ran out of ideas)
The Esso sign means happier motoring (still got writer's block)
So call at the Esso sign (oh well, that's got the punchline in)

Still learning (I hope)
Nostalgia........ - Flat in Fifth
and that funny cartoon character in the TV ad kept saying you had to visit....

the esso blea dooler (or similar)
Nostalgia........ - Tomo
I am frusrated - whose was "An elephant is slow going, and exceedingly slow coming back" in Peter Sellars type Indian accent - probably would not be allowed now - ?
Nostalgia........ - Tomo
And "That's Shell - that was!" certainly would not be allowed.
Nostalgia........ - Mark (RLBS)
You asked me how I knew it was Esso Blue
I of course replied
with lower grades one finds
smoke gets in your eyes
Nostalgia........ - Flat in Fifth
No syncro on first!

And how many of us still have the habit of putting it in second before engaging first?
Nostalgia........ - Shigg
Wow, I don't believe it, other people do that? It's not just me? An Ex. of mine used to give me grief about going down through the box even if I didn't let the clutch out, I tried to explain that with the old bangers I'd driven it was easier and smoother, don't think she believed me. Still I guess it's sort of a funny habit, I've only ever driven 2 cars without a syncro on first - Ford Anglia and a Morris Minor. Still go via second to first when at the lights, etc. guess I alway will.

Nostalgia........ - bax
1955 - Express Electrical, Charles Street, Bristol just round the corner from Kings of Oxford owned by Stan Hailwood whose lad was rather handy on a bike.
Me in the back refurbing pumps and injectors for Perkins P6's and Leyland Octopussies, Ginger in the middle doing terrible things to Lucas dynamos and starters and Joe in the basement watching his leprous acid blackened fingers get smaller by the day.
For real entertainment we used to go down to St James churchyard to watch the remains of plague victims being removed to make way for the Broadmead shopping centre.
Nostalgia........ - wemyss
In the 50s thousands of national service conscripts thumbing lifts to get home for the weekend off.
Virtually everyone would stop to give you a lift to help you on your way.
Myself and Dave with about 100 miles to get home and the second lift was an old chap with a very posh car.
"Get in lads, always like to do my bit for you chaps"
He drove us for less than half a mile and then turned up the drive of his big house. Got out and opened the back door for us. "That?s as far as I go boys hope that helps"
Thanking him very much we walked back down the drive.
And 10 minutes later two lorries from Heanor Transport stopped and took us to within a mile or two from home.
That company is still seen today and always brings back the memory when I see one on the road.

Nostalgia........ - Martin Devon
Triumph Vitesse soft top! Used to give me a twitch driving that Bu**er. No Mark, Not butter. 'Twas my mates brother's. Now was I insured or not?

Nostalgia........ - J Bonington Jagworth
"putting it in second before engaging first"

Still do it - and double-declutch (even though I've now even got synchro on reverse!)

Not much left uncovered by all the above, but I was reminded of a nice story from Ronnie Scott's (Jazz Club) that you have to be a certain age to appreciate:

RS was introducing a musician who was wearing what are probably best described as Rupert Bear trousers. Startled by these, Ronnie paused briefly, and then said: "there's a Ford Zodiac somewhere out there that's lost its seat covers"...
Nostalgia........ - Dwight Van Driver

This subject has attracted over 140 posts in only three days.

Surely the makings of a paperback book to join your library?

Nostalgia........ - brambob

Two things from me about 25 years apart:-

Going out with my father in his Bond Minicar 3 wheeler. Car had no reverse gear so he had to pick it up at the front and lift it manually to turn it.

Driving along the M42 on a Friday afternoon shortly after it had opened and having the whole road to myself.

Nostalgia........ - Flat in Fifth
Going out with my father in his Bond Minicar 3 wheeler.
Car had no reverse gear so he had to pick it
up at the front and lift it manually to turn it.

And did your Dad have to lift the bonnet and insert leg into engine compartment to operate the kick start?

What a thread!
Nostalgia........ - THe Growler
THe Bond was diablical. Had a Villiers 9E 197 cc 2-stroke. The front wheel, engine and steering were all in in one. It was literally possible do a 360 deg turn on a sixpence. Kick starting could be done by lifting the bonnet and climbing in the empty space. It ran on scooter tires (4.00 I think) and had rubber suspension at the rear. The early ones had a soft top. Gears were up and down like a motorbike on a column shift. The whole thing was completely horrid, bounced everywhere and managed about 50 mph max.

They did introduce one with the Ciba dynastart with the Villiers 250 twin (I think) which went well but was prone to seizing because of the lack of cooling for what was basically a m/c engine. If there is a more horrible conveyance from that era I have yet to hear of it!


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