Any - Telegraph Subscription- again - catsdad

I’ve just done my annual dance with the digital sub renewal desk at the Telegraph. Last year’s thread was closed when it ran off topic. My experience this year may help anyone due to renew, I think there are a few of us.

I paid £69 last year. Renewal offer this week is £329. I rang them to cancel and they immediately offered to roughly halve it. I said I would still cancel so they offered to maintain the £69. I said I could see online that we could open a new sub in my wife’s name for £39 so how about matching that? She put me on hold and came back with £49 which I gather gives me some extras (gift subs to share?) over and above the £39 deal.

Even a Scrooge like me has limits so I accepted the £49.

Any - Telegraph Subscription- again - Chris M

The downside to having the digital edition is you have nothing to line the bottom of the rabbit hutch, which is where the Telegraph now belongs.

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Any - Telegraph Subscription- again - blindspot

a few weeks back i bought in online for £ 25 for the year . on a wimm just popped up on web page. not realy enjoying reading it . it was just a bargain as my previuos daily mail had expired. much rather just buy a paper now again


Any - Telegraph Subscription- again - catsdad

£25, well done.

It’s not the paper it was. It has lost HJ and some other good columnists and is very downbeat.

However if you are selective in what bits you read, it’s worth it . If cheap enough.

Best of all are the reader’s comments on stories in the Latest section. Good for serious comments and laughs. It’s surprisingly lightly curated.

Any - Telegraph Subscription- again - Engineer Andy

These sales people should be working in a car showroom, given the deals they're offering. Either the £329 is a complete rip-off (I think so), or they are so desperate to not lose face on the PR front and will stomach losing money on the transaction.

Ironically after 2 years (from 2020) of them gaining net subs mainly from the online versions at the expense of physical sales (I think that net revenue per customer dropped but not by much), subs have been dropping again since about a year ago.

IMHO they have only been claiming they now have 1M subscribers by a sleight of hand by including anyone who subscribes to the Telegraph Wine Cellar, Telegraph Puzzles and Chelsea Magazine Company (which they never did before Dec 2022, and that acquired the latter in March), which adds 220k to the list as of the last 'audit' in October.

No wonder the paper is currently being sold. I unsubbed in summer 2020 in disgust at their worsening quality* and 'coverage' (sadly they still were in my view better than the vast majority of the rest of the MSM) of the 'events' at the time. That they take the shilling (well, quite a bit more) from the B&M Gates Foundation along with The Graun rather illustrates the state of the legacy media in this country at the moment.

God help them if they either get taken back by the (IMHO hated) Barclay Bros financed by Middle Eastern money or via that chap who used to run that bastion of conservatism, CNN.

* aside from a few good journos left.

Any - Telegraph Subscription- again - bathtub tom

It's quite easy to find a 'paywall bypass' that I posted here some time ago - the mods deleted it.

Google's your friend.

Any - Telegraph Subscription- again - Xileno

We or I did since apart from the ethics it's a grey area legally and best HJ is not associated with it. As you say, these bypass tools are on the web if people want to go that route.

Any - Telegraph Subscription- again - movilogo

Paying for news today seems old fashioned IMHO.

Especially when all newspapers are biased and most news are opinions rather than facts.

I have noticed if I don't read news for few days, my mental health becomes better :-)

Any - Telegraph Subscription- again - Andrew-T

Especially when all newspapers are biased and most news are opinions rather than facts.

'Facts' include the info I (want to) believe, 'opinions' all the rest ? :-)