Old SYM Wolf 125 (drum brakes) - Motorcycle Fork Strip - edlithgow

Anyone know if these forks can be (reversibly) stripped further?


Not done this before, but the ends look to me to be pressings, so perhaps not further dismantleable. They are off an old SYM Wolf 125 (drum brakes and chain case stylee).

shockends1920×2560 182 KB

The two forks are different designs (one had a plug thing on the narrow end which I assume restricts the oil flow, the other more oil flow ports) so at least one isn’t original, unless SYM production control is very informal.

These are both pretty knackered so IF I get it running again (old motorcycle wiring is REALLY horrible) and I keep it I’ll probably be replacing them, and would like to get completely strippable versions, though I dunno where I would source these in Taiwan and expect it would be difficult to explain the requirement.

Meantime I’ll put gaiters on if I can find or make some.