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[Originally written by Avant 16th July 2010 & updated by Xileno]

If you have a technical question can I suggest that you post it in the Technical forum, as you'll probably get more replies.

May I take this opportunity to thank all those who use their knowledge and experience to answer people's technical queries. Much appreciated by all of us, and please keep going!

Reporting faults or problems specifically with the website (such as accessing or posting to the site), can be done by sending an email to Please note that this is only for faults or problems and not for suggested website changes.


Below are some useful forum tips that have been provided by some members that others may find useful:

[Written by Benedict56 8th Oct 2015]

If you think something is wrong with the forums or chat rooms and can't get them to work right for you (usually it's just one feature that was working in the past but suddenly isn't any longer), please try this first before posting here:

1. Clear your web browser's cache and try reloading the page.

2. Shut down your browser altogether and try visiting the page again when you restart it.

3. Try using a different web browser altogether. If you're using Internet Explorer, for instance, try using Firefox or Google Chrome instead. If it works fine in one of those other browsers, then you've narrowed the problem down to whatever the old browser you were using is.

4. Last, try shutting down your entire computer and rebooting.


[Written by Metropolis 24h Feb 2021, very slightly edited by Xileno]

Something I have noticed - apologies i suspect the majority are already aware - when replying to a thread, no matter how long it is, if you click reply on the very first post, your reply will appear at the bottom of the thread. If we all did this it would be much easier to find a new post on the app rather than it getting lost in the ocean of posts. Just thought it worth mentioning!

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