CBT and direct access route, - DieselMan1966

Hi All

I've been asked to look into taking my bike test, I passed my car test back in 1985 and held a provisional license for a bike since then, but never got round to doing the test.

I'm assuming its the theory, CBT and then both modules, then hit the road on a suitable bike, which brings me to my second question.

As I'm a short legged person being 5ft 6in, what bike would be best for me, Whilst looking around I did like the look of the Honda Deuville, I do some agency photo works and a bike would be ideal for this work,

I have a budget in my mind of around £3 - 4,000

CBT and direct access route, - Dan Lavery

Hi DieselMan, I appear to be a bit older than you but the same height and I ride a 2000 reg Honda VFR800 whichI manage ok with. Alternatives to the Deuville are maybe the Kawasaki Versys or I recently looked at the Honda NC 750 which has approx 50 bhp but gets amazing fuel economy 80-100 mpg, reasonable seat height and a low centre of gravity as the fuel tank is below the seat and what appears to be the fuel tank is actually a storage compartment.

CBT and direct access route, - DieselMan1966

Thanks Dan' i'll add the bike to the list.

The plan is to pass the test this year and look at buying a bike next year after the winter. It was pointed out by my brother that I'm the only member of our family not to have a bike license. So in honour of my late dad, I've decided to take the test!

CBT and direct access route, - Cris_on_the_gas

Worth considering the Suzuki SV650.


Based on a reliable 650 twin that has been popular for years, seat height is 785mm. A good first big bike

Seen a new one for £5299, so should be able to pick up a recent tidy one for £3-4k easily.


I know a couple of people who have had one, both short in the leg and they have thoroughly enjoyed them. One of them a lady who is now a motorcycle instructor has had hers for 15 years, she has other bikes but refuses to let go of the SV650.