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Hi all,

I had the airbag light illuminated on the dash, i took my vehicle (2013 44k miles) to be repaired at the local VW garage, after investigating the fault I was informed the clock spring had failed. To cut a long story short my local garage charged me £581 for the repair. I contacted VW customer care department with regards to this common failure. This part is recalled in USA for this particular model and age, VW customer care department was unable to answer any questions on this matter and reiterated I would have to pay the quoted price in full.

Are the same clock springs used in both countries and is the newly fitted clock spring the exact same as what was removed, or has a modified version not as prone to failure been fitted?

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Firstly,are you sure the clockspring was faulty?It may have been a bad connection issue?Renewing the clockpring module has probably fixed the fault,but not necessarily for the right reason.I would think this part is similar on a lot of VAG models and I don't think it is left/right drive specific.However there may be many world wide plants of manufacture,and it is possible that the product supplied to the US market is the only one affected by the recall..THis problem does not appear to be major in Europe.It is very likely the part has been upgraded/improved,as with all auto parts.The component part number may give some indication as to how many times the part has been superceeded.

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USA has a very different legal system to ours, so no precedents there.

Unless you paid extra to extend the factory warranty from 3 to 5 years, a 2013 is out of warranty now - if you continued servicing at the VW dealer you might get them to offer an ex-gratia "goodwill" contribution


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