any - Meyle parts - any good? - Matt@

Whats peoples thoughts on MEYLE parts?

Their website comes across well. They do different quality levels eg Original, HD range. Quite a few Meyle parts on Ebay and cheap prices.

Its difficult maintaining an older car when dealer parts prices can't be justified - is any of this cheaper stuff any good?

I know theres alot of chinese tat out there, do most of the cheapest parts come from the same factory then rebranded ie mapco, pascal etc? i think I read that alot of Meyle comes originally from China but via Germany?

So, aftermarket car parts - whats good and whats not!!

any - Meyle parts - any good? - corax

I have Meyle HD droplinks on my car. Heard from Volvo enthusiasts that they were durable, and a good replacement for the Volvo droplinks that wear out regularly, being heavy cars.

No sign of problems on mine and they seem well made and strong. Competitive prices too.

Regarding aftermarket parts we could be here all day listing them - it needs to be narrowed down a bit.

any - Meyle parts - any good? - Cyd

Meyle are the dogs wotsits. They also do a heavy duty range. It's where I head for anything bearing or joint related.


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