Nissan navara - Corroded chassis - shaun Saunders

Hi just found out my chassis is corroded and cracked year 2005

Just failed mot to above contacted nissan said i was 7 weeks past warranty so will not do

Anything is correct does anyone know if this is right

Nissan navara - Corroded chassis - RobJP

The vehicles had a 12 year chassis corrosion warranty.

If it's outside that, and Nissan have refused, then I don't see what you can do. I think it's highly unlikely that a court would rule in your favour if you brought a case against Nissan.

Nissan navara - Corroded chassis - Auristocrat


Nissan navara - Corroded chassis - TedCrilly

12 years?

My my, we have come a long way. I can remember Ford P100s failing their 1st MOT on chassis corrosion and being written off as uneconomical to repair when they failed again in years 4 and 5.


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