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I bought a used Skoda Fabia Automatic (2011) with ~40,000 miles on the clock - for about £5600. I bought it from an independent dealer, and it came with a 6 month RAC warranty. After 6 months and 2 weeks, just out of warranty, it developed problems with the automatic gearbox. Initially the dealer I bought it from was helpful, and offered to do some diagnostics on it, but they didn't have sufficient expertise to say what it was and suggested I take it to the Skoda dealer for diagnostics.
I was informed that the Automatic gearbox was shot, and that a replacement part would cost £4000 not including labour. Not only that, but also the timing chain was faulty and that would need replacing too. The total cost for parts and repairs would come to around £8000, beyond economic repair.
In the end Skoda agreed to pay 60% of the labour costs and all of the parts cost, but nothing toward the gearbox costs. This means that the car is still beyond economic repair.

Given the fact that I have had it for over 6 months, and the mileage is now 50,000 do I have any basis for a claim for costs against a) Skoda and b) The dealer I bought it from?

I did use my credit card to buy it also

Skoda Fabia DSG 2011 - Consumer Legal Advice - RobJP

1. You wouldn't have any basis for a claim against SKODA, unless you can PROVE that the gearbox had a fluid and filter change at the recommended interval (I believe this is 4 years). Even then, the law limits any liability at all to a maximum of 6 years from new, so the percentage of liability would be greatly reduced. Considering they've also made a significant 'goodwill' offer, I suspect you'd get nowhere in a court.

2. A claim against the dealer who sold you the car. The CRA (Consumer Rights Act) is quite clear on this. If a fault occurs within 6 months of purchase, it is assumed in law to have been 'present or developing' at the time of sale, and the selling garage would be responsible for repair. Beyond 6 months, it is up to YOU to PROVE (engineers report, etc) that the fault was present at the time of sale. Only if you can provide such proof will the selling garage have any liability to you - and even then, the liability will be greatly reduced.

So no, I don't think you'd have much grounds to claim off either.

Unfortunately, anyone on here would have told you to avoid a car fitted with the gearbox - they are notorious for problems.

I suspect you might need to get it into an independent garage, and see if it can be fixed at a more reasonable price when the cost doesn't involve main dealer labour rates, and fixing rather than replacing the engine and gearbox.

Skoda Fabia DSG 2011 - Consumer Legal Advice - gordonbennet

I agree with RobJP, speak to an indy who knows what they are doing with the DSG box, or can source another known good used box and sort the timing chain out for you, but keep costs sensible because you could well find yourself in the same boat again.

Or try and sell it as is on the usual auction site as spares/repairs but there isn't much value in it unfortunately.

These too clever by half robotised gearboxes should either be under a rock solid (new car or approved used) warranty, or bought so cheaply that its a calculated risk that when it fails you just throw it away, few here would risk one out of warranty.

Skoda Fabia DSG 2011 - Consumer Legal Advice - SLO76
Nightmare situation. It's a model any of us on here would've advised you not to touch, both the DSG box and the early chain driven TSi motors are notoriously weak and it looks like you've landed both at the same time just beyond the 6mth legal safety net that could've helped.

Skoda aren't duty bound to help and sadly the supplying dealer who probably sold it in good order and in good faith are past their legal obligations to you. Even so had it been me I'd be prepared to offer some help possibly by way of a sizeable discount on a replacement but the car itself is a write off.

Does it still start and drive? If so, book it in at your nearest car auction and take whatever you get for it. It's just one of those nasty wee lessons in life. For a replacement on such a limited budget forget anything with a complex automated gearbox and stick with normally asperated petrol models preferably of Japanese design.

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