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I (my wife) has a 2009 Focus 1.6 petrol. Which we have had since 7 months old. IT has done 62K miles and has never so far had any fault other than a loose aircon union which drained tghe gas and was ok after tightening and re-gassing. It has been serviced by me since the warranty expired with the proper synth oil at 12 months regardless of mileage and has been garaged (my car lives outside !!).

My questions are as follows, how much longer is the clutch likely to last, it feels perfectly normal now, but in its lifespan it has done quite a bit of urban driving. Also it has never had an exhaust and as far as I can see the exhaust is still ok. I realise therse are fuzzy questions but what are peoples opinions ?

Ford Focus - 2009 Focus 1.6 petrol Clutch Life - SLO76
How long is a piece of string?

A clutch can burn out in less than 20k or last til 200k depending on car and driver but the Focus, certainly in 1.6 petrol spec isn't bad for clutch wear in general. Not hugely expensive to replace on one of these either so I wouldn't be losing any sleep over it or the exhaust. Relax.
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I would concur, a teenager could burn a clutch out in less than 20k, many of mine have done over 200k. My mother managed to burn one out in about 5 minutes going up a steep hill behind a heard of cows. The less you slip the clutch the longer it will last.

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It's not your wife's model, but my 05 plate Focus 2-litre petrol has well over 100,000 on the clock and is on its original clutch and exhaust.

As others have said, clutch wear depends entirely on how the car has been driven. I have always avoided sitting stationary with the car in gear and clutch depressed - it's neutral, handbrake and clutch up. And I avoid racing starts and jerky gear-changes in general.

Ford Focus - 2009 Focus 1.6 petrol Clutch Life - Roly93

Thanks for your replies guys - much appreciated.

We are in a state of impass car-wise as we are both looking to retire in the next couple of months and we were looking at the 'run into the ground' scenario with the Focus while I was going to treat myself to a 320 Diesel touring !

Ford Focus - 2009 Focus 1.6 petrol Clutch Life - John F

Depends how well you look after it. Our 126,000m X reg Focus (2000) has original exhaust, requiring only a tenner's worth welding to one of its supporting lugs a couple of years ago. It gets an occasional wire brush of rusty-looking bits and squirt of high temperature aluminium paint. The build quality of this basic Ford continues to amaze me - it even has sound-proofing carpet in the wheel arches!


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