Nissan Juke 2015 - Heads up for Nissan Juke owners - Miniman777

Bit of a heads up to others regarding air con pipe routing that may affect some Nissan Jukes, 2015 onwards.

My Juke was 22 months old when I noticed aircon not working efficiently, so being mechanically adept, had a cursory look and discovered two air con pipes - close to the screenwash filler - had been chaffing, probably since new. Result was lost gas, and warm air blowing.

Sadly the fix will be protracted as car needs 3 new pipes under warranty, but Nissan have none in the UK, so I have been told be dealer and leasco.

I am also informed that my problem is not isolated and all supplies of parts have been used, and no one knows when Nissan will get any more. Cant use ebay (none there anyway) or scrapyard due to warranty, but the problem is caused by either poor routing/alignment of pipes or the lack of a rubber spacer between the pipes costing pence.

It's staggering that given age of the car, which I accept is about to be replaced by a new model, has such a fault. Anyone with a Juke should check theirs and insert a small piece of sponge.

Only last week, the car was back at the dealer to rectify a stop/start fault, which I was informed was a 'faulty battery'. Shocking that a new battery has not lasted 2 years/40,000 miles and I'm not a prolific user of stop/start.

Will update when the air con parts are fitted.

Nissan Juke 2015 - Heads up for Nissan Juke owners - SLO76
People buy these thinking they're buying Japanese levels of reliability and quality but the reality is that it's nothing more than an overpriced rebodied Renault Clio with no more interior space. Nissan perform poorly in owner satisfaction surveys and are not to be mistaken for being in the same class as Honda, Mazda and Toyota for reliability. Good of you to draw attention to yet another fault that sounds like it's very commonplace.
Nissan Juke 2015 - Heads up for Nissan Juke owners - Miniman777

Quite. So much for being built in Sunderland! Still, it's leased and not mine.

In fairness, it's been totally reliable...for the first 22 months...


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