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I was watching a programme on A&E. A driver had started his van remotely from outside of his Van. Unfortuneately for him he had left the van in gear and it jumped onto him breaking his thigh. What is remote start,is it legal and why would you possibly need it. It could possibly injure an innocent pedestrian, no mention of this in the programme hence the question.

N?A - Remote Start - RobJP

I'm dubious about the real cause here, rather than the claimed one. You can pre-start cars to (for example) defrost them in winter. But they've got safeguards built in to prevent starting if in gear, etc.

Also, why on earth would you hit the remote start on your phone if you were next to the car, you'd have to log into the app, send the command, wait for the command to be confirmed ...

Far more likely, the person pressed the 'start' button whilst half-in the car, with the clutch pressed (assuming it was a manual box), then lifted off the clutch whilst going to get something from outside the car, forgetting it was in gear. Which would have been the same result as if it had been key started, rather than start button.

N?A - Remote Start - Avant

I think that must have been staged, to make whatever point the programme was trying to prove.

Remote start is a luxury fitting, unlikely to feature on a van, and almost certainly incorporating a safeguard preventing it stopping in gear. And in real life wouldn't the man have jumped out of the way?

N?A - Remote Start - NARU

Lots of after market alarm/immobisers have remote start options.

eg. www.clifford.co.uk/ProductPages/Security_RemoteSta...l

They may or may not have safety features ...

N?A - Remote Start - 72 dudes

These remote starts seem popular with the American forces working around these parts (East Anglia).

Chap across the road has a Chevrolet Camaro (64 reg) and does this all the time. He also likes to run it for about 5 minutes before he comes out and drives off. This is often at 4 in the morning. Annoying much?

I thought this was an offence in the UK?

N?A - Remote Start - badbusdriver

I think you are right, but only on a public road. If he is on his drive, I doubt it. But due to the air quality problems being regularly reported about, doing this is not very considerate.

N?A - Remote Start - Terry W

Clearly ideal for those who have forgotten how to turn a key in a lock.

It is nicer to get into a warm car on a cold day although it generally involves local pollution - not a problem if you are eating breakfast at the time but unpleasant for kiddies walking (some still do) to school etc.

A pointless gizmo in most of the UK and best suited to artic transport. Has the potential to malfunction through added complexity.


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