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Hi just put new clutch in my daughters 1.6 Picasso on 2004 plate and now got oil dripping from driveshaft seals both sides , the near side looks easy but offside how easy is it to take shaft out thanks

Citroen Xsara Picasso - gearbox driveshaft seal - hardway

O/S dirve shaft is in two parts,

outer comes off more or less like the n/s,

but remove the inner boot/clip the the shaft can be manouvered out of the cup,


Little rollers go everywhere,

Now the intermediate shaft come of by lossening two 11mm hex head nuts that can just be seen on the inner i.e gearbox face of the driveshaft intermediate cup.

You dont take the nuts off but release them enough so the "L" shaped other end of the fastener can move/rotate out of the way of the cup.

which can the be knocked out of the big alloy carrier plate on the lower rear of the engine.

withdraw th o/s I shaft to let the real be reached.

An absoulute pig of a job unless you have a ramp and even then.

Most likley you damaged the seal when refitting the gear box.

The O/s shaft is "meant" to be removed before the gearbox comes out.

I'd would definately reccomed it be done in a gargage on a 4 poster.

Pretty much everything is done from underneath.

Job time is only 2 hours,

But I've had a couple where the intermediate shaft just would come out and you really dont

what to know how long it took me to get the bstrd out.

If you insist and the shaft is siezed let me know and I'll post probably an even longer description to get round it.

Pig of a job.

Good luck.

Citroen Xsara Picasso - gearbox driveshaft seal - RichardW

There's no need to split the shaft - you can remove the whole thing in one go (in fact to do a driveshaft seal, no need to remove the shaft completely, you could probably get away with just splitting the bottom ball joint, and them pulling the hub / shaft out enough to clear the box,and then propping it out with a block of wood). Later cars have a C collar on the intermediate bearing, secured with two torx bolts fitted from the outboard end. If the bearing is stuck in the housing, there is a (small) collar on the shaft behind the bearing that can be used to drive it out; can be hard work though! If this has had a new clutch I would expect the bearing to have been shifted, and therefore pose not too much problem.


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