Peugeot 308 or Alfa Giulietta - New car advice please - SwanLee

Hello all. I'd like to get some opinions on a possible change of car please from the knowledgable folk in HJ's back room.

I'm comtemplating replacing my 2009 Fiat Bravo (1.4 petrol, 108k miles) with either a 2014 Alfa Giulietta (1.4 TB or 1.6 JTDM) or a 2014 Peugeot 308 HDI 92. I've done a bit of research on both cars and like the look of both, but am swaying towards the Peugeot at the moment as it should be the cheaper of the two to run. My budget is in the region of £8,000 and the Peugeot fits nicely into this for an 'Active' HDI model.

However, I do have concerns about possible issues as I've never owned a diesel car before. I was wondering whether anyone has had any good/bad experiences with the new model 308 (or the Alfa!) that may help with my decision.

My annual mileage is around 13k, with a 16 mile 'A' road commute each day and a monthly blast up the motoway to the coast. My current car har been totally reliable up to now, but is developing a couple of issues (clutch judder and engine squeal on cold starts). It is also due a full service with cambelt/waterpump, so I'm starting to think it may be a good time to change.

Many thanks.

Peugeot 308 or Alfa Giulietta - New car advice please - SLO76
It's likely you'll have bother with the DPF with your relatively short distance useage so I'd stick to petrol in your case. Even if you absolutely had to have a diesel the last two I'd recommend would be a PSA 1600 HDi which has a terrible reputation for turbo failure among other things and a Fiat diesel of any kind.

I'd be shortlisting the following

Mazda 3 2.0
Honda Civic 1.8 VTEC
Honda Civic 1.6 DTEC (if you must go diesel, this is by far the best option)
Toyota Auris 1.6/1.2 turbo
Ford Focus 1.6 petrol in Ecoboost form if you want plenty of go go.
Volvo S40 1.8/2.0 with Mazda L series petrol engines.
Peugeot 308 or Alfa Giulietta - New car advice please - SwanLee

Thanks for the quick reply. I had read bad things about the PSA engine a few years ago but wasn't sure if the issues had been resolved for the new model.

I really like the look of the new Mazda 3 but it's stubbornly out of my budget without high miles. The Honda looks ok to me but my other half begs to differ (although I'm paying!)

I'd not thought about the 1.6 turbo focus so will have a look at that - I have read bad things about the 1 litre ecoboost so will avoid it like the plague.

Peugeot 308 or Alfa Giulietta - New car advice please - veloceman
You'll get plenty on folk on here telling you to get neither.

I've haven't driven the Peugeot but had three Giuliettas.
Also had two totally reliable Bravos.

All I can do is take me Alfa hat off and give a balanced view of the Giulietta.
You'll find the Alfa is a lot smaller than the Peugeot.
The Peugeot will be more stodgy to drive, the Alfa will be more fun even if the steering lack feel.
Alfa 1.6 Diesel - 55mpg 1.4 petrol - 35mpg.

The Giulietta is the best Alfa yet for reliability and really only main problems were gearbox on early 2010 models.
A 2014 model is much improved over the 2010 with more supportive seats and more refined suspension.

Peugeot styling of recent times IMO leaves a lot to be desired.
To be honest they are completely different cars and difficult to compare.
I would go for the Alfa every time but make sure has had annual servicing.

Most guys on here will tell you to get a Civic, probably for good reason!
- But that's not me!
Good luck.

Peugeot 308 or Alfa Giulietta - New car advice please - veloceman
There you go.
Mr SLO got in while I was writing!
Peugeot 308 or Alfa Giulietta - New car advice please - SwanLee

Thanks Veloceman.

The Bravo is my second too and they were both good cars, very underrated IMO. Mine is just started to get a bit tired but still looks nice. Shame about the residuals though - webuyanycar offered me the princely sum of £585 for mine, before they'd even seen it!

I definitely like the Alfa but was tempted by the lower (official) running cost of the 308. Agreed, they are different beasts but there are things about both that appeal to me.

There seem to be quite a few positive owner reviews online for the Giulietta, though I'm not sure I'd risk the multiair petrol tbh. Maybe safest to look at the 120 TB (think it's the same as the TJet engine used in the Bravo.

Mr SLO's points re the HDI engine have given me something to think about regarding the alternative!

Peugeot 308 or Alfa Giulietta - New car advice please - badbusdriver

I would also throw the seat leon 1.2tsi (110ps) into the mix, perfectly agreeable performance (they are pretty light) and good economy. I know there is a 1.4 version, which is faster with probably very little mpg penalty, but I think you'd struggle to find one in your budget with sensible miles.

Peugeot 308 or Alfa Giulietta - New car advice please - veloceman
Guillietta residuals have been holding up well until now when they now look good value.

I believe there is a complete new model out 2018. Rear drive as in Guilia.
Which disappointingly counts me out!
Peugeot 308 or Alfa Giulietta - New car advice please - SLO76
Believe it or not, I am a bit of an Alfa fan, most petrol heads are. The Giulietta isn't a class leader according to any reviews I've read but I've yet to drive one so I'll reserve judgment on that side of things but my other half's Niece and her fella have a 1750 TDi Veloce and never a bad word has been said about it.

But I don't trust Fiat diesels over the longterm, they do frequently go wrong. The petrol 1.4 and 1.75 are brilliant and should last if looked after (by an Alfa dealer or specialist) but resale is killed by higher than average mileage and beyond 50,000 miles they tend to plummet as fear of old Alfa reliability woes scares off buyers, this is not entirely justified on the Giulietta which is probably the best they've made to date in this regard. I'd buy one but it would be a 1.4 turbo with a manual box but would I recommend one? Probably not. I'd still steer you to safety of a Jap hatch that I know will give faultless service.

I loved the Alfa 164, 156, 166, GTV and sold a few (mostly 156's) over the years and to be honest they've been fine again if looked after properly. They fall off a cliff reliability wise if neglected. The 1.8/2.0 Twin Spark was a lovely engine and the early 156 was a lovely looking and driving car and the old pre GM V6 was legendary. Sadly the gorgeous 159 and Brera are a letdown to drive.

I'll need to grab the keys to Nieces Veloce for a shot.

While I'm on, I'd add the Seat Leon 1.4 TSi FR to my list too. Bit of spice but more sensible and robust than the Alfa. Needs a full dealer history again though.

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Peugeot 308 or Alfa Giulietta - New car advice please - SwanLee

The Giulietta would be my first Alfa - I almost bought a 147 years ago but bottled out of it. The 156 was indeed a great drive, I had a 2 litre one as a courtesy car once and found it a lot of fun.

Fair points re the diesels, I've talked myself out of that after more research on DPFs. Think I will have a look at a 1.4 turbo manual Giulietta (I don't do autos) and see what I think.

I quite like the Seat Leon, especially in FR guise, so may look at one of those too. I'm not too keen on the interior looking at pictures online, but it may look better in the flesh.

A final option would be to up my budget a little to the Mazda 3 (2.0 SE). It's more than I planned to spend, but I suppose it could be a better long term prospect as I will be looking to keep the next car for at least 5 years.

Decisions, decisions...

Peugeot 308 or Alfa Giulietta - New car advice please - veloceman
I currently have a Leon 1.4 Tsi 150 Fr Sc.
I am currently getting 52mpg and still does 0-60 in 7.8 secs. Has loads of low down Torque so drives like a diesel.
Ride is good on I either 17 or 18s. Handles well and loads of kit if you get the tec pack.
Interior looks better in the flesh but still a bit dull but no squeaks or rattles.
To be honest, one of the best cars I've had.
Swapped the Guilietta for it as I do 18k a year, I was only getting around 35mpg and didn't want a diesel again.

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