Ford Focus Saloon - Focus 1.8 TDDi MK1 Diesel - Diesel Leak around inj - bowcreek

Dear members, I don't have much knowledge of cars but like to do whatever I can as DIY if given help and guidance.

Car details

Ford Focus 1.8 TDDi

Mileage – 160,000 miles


  1. Delayed / sluggish when cold-starting after few hours / overnight. Takes around 4-6 seconds of cranking. Been happening for a week.

  2. Mild smell of diesel inside


  1. Opened the hood and noticed dried off oil leak around second injector from left.Rest of the injector areas are dry. The leak had kind of dried off probably because vehicle was parked overnight. No oil drips on drive way when its usually parked.

  2. Decided to take for a drive for few miles, opened the hood again and saw fresh leak around same area, which confirms it leaks when the engine is running.


I had experienced smell of diesel inside the car last year around same time, no sluggish start though if I can remember. Took the car for service and mentioned about the problem. Mechanic said there was a leaky pipe which has been replaced and charged £25 for that bit. I didn’t ask for details. I remember vaguely the leak was around same area back then.


What are the chances this leak and sluggish start to be related?

What sort of DIY checked and fix can I try please?

Any help would be well appreciated.


Ford Focus Saloon - Focus 1.8 TDDi MK1 Diesel - Diesel Leak around inj - hardway

Possible starting fault "IF" it's the injector hard line seal,

And by hard line I mean metal pipe to the injector.

These are one off use pipes so if it's been off it needs renewed.

Not that expensive,

sub £25 or so but it's been a while since I fitted any to that type off car.

And not that hard a job to do.

Ford Focus Saloon - Focus 1.8 TDDi MK1 Diesel - Diesel Leak around inj - elekie&a/c doctor

As above,if it is one of the steel pipes leaking,then this could cause poor starting.However ,it is more likely to be one of the flexible rubber spill off pipes,that connects to each injector in turn.


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