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I've been struggling with DPF regeneration on my company car that the lease company refuses to take seriously.

It's at just over 90k miles and is regularly serviced by independent garages.

So... About 2 months ago I started having issues with a warning of "engine malfunction service now". Unfortunately this resets once the ignition is turned off and no fault code is stored. This escalated to the EML coming on and staying on. The AA was sent out to deal with the problem which was "particulate filter soot content too high". A static regen has been performed three times over the last 6 weeks. The last time, however, the EML wouldn't go out. The AA patrol used his tablet thingy to investigate why and he showed me that there was a constant pressure differential between the pre/post DPF pressure sensors no matter what the engine speed was. He performed an adaptive reset or something on both the DPF and the pressure sensors and the EML was extinguished. I'm certain his tablet said not to do this unless new parts had been fitted.

He said that the car wasn't carrying out regenerations on its own and needed to be booked in to the garage asap. He said that his equipment couldn't read to ash or soot content.

Anyway I've been struggling to get the car booked in by the lease company for the last two weeks. I haven't driven it since.

Anyway its finally booked in to an independent garage on Tuesday but I'm concerned that because the EML is not on now that they won't be able to find any faults.

Does this sound like the DPF is full or some other problem.

I should add that the car gets two or three motorway journeys per week covering a minimum of 400miles.



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Ford Focus 1.6TDCi 105PS - 2013 Focus DPF problems - daveyjp
May well be due a new DPF. A colleague with a Mondeo had a similar issue on 130,000 miles. They don't last forever!
Ford Focus 1.6TDCi 105PS - 2013 Focus DPF problems - RichardW

Possibly just the pressure sensor has gone belly up - they do from time to time and they read 128mbar all the time; hence the car thinks the filter is not regening.

Ford Focus 1.6TDCi 105PS - 2013 Focus DPF problems - 3uga

You may have a DPFE sensor problem. If that happens and you end up blowing the turbo and damaging the dpf if its not allready full. These sensors dont usualy die, give you a DPFE code. They get stuck to a value that changes if you only put high presure through it, pressures that wont ever reach with a blocked dpf

Ford Focus 1.6TDCi 105PS - 2013 Focus DPF problems - G0llings

Well, no surprise there. No fault found. The independent garage said they were unable to confirm the AA's diagnosis because the patrol had "deleted" the fault codes. This is despite me giving them a printout of the AA's report with the codes on it.

Oh well. Next time the EML comes on I won't stop driving.


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