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Car Compass, not seen one for years. The current piece of kit people use is a Sat Nav, try Googling Garmin or TomTom.

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I just use my satnav/drive app. on my phone...good satnav..with compass.

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You could try a marine chandlers, maybe expensive but you will get a good one.

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I notice there are a few car compasses for sale on Amazon, but they all appear to be simple magnetic devices, not electronic/digital. They also get a lot of poor reviews with many saying they are useless.

Edit: there are several Chinese companies advertising digital units on Ebay, if you search there for

"Car Digital Compass With Clock In/Out Thermometer Calendar Function Luminous".

I have no idea if they are any good, however, as I couldn't find any reviews for them. Not that I would be interested in one myself.

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I've had a couple in the past, you have to calibrate them, i.e. put the compass where you want it and then orientate the car in known directions and adjust some screws to get the compass to read correctly. A magnetic compass without any adjustment is not going to work in a car which has its own magnetic field going on. `

For practical purposes I can do about as well without one if I can see where the sun is!

Sat nav or google maps on a smartphone, with a small compass display, has rendered them redundant anyway.

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A quick Google search for digital car compass, and select 'shopping' reveals a few, possibly of most interest to you is one I saw from 3 different suppliers ranging from £13-£27.

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All my Octavias had a direction indicator as part of the instrument panel. Very useful if the sun wasn't out or at night. I've never seen this on any other car, although I'm sure it's not confined to Skodas.

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My E-class has a rudimentary one in the dash display if selected. Only shows eight points of the compass though.

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There is already one installed on an iPhone, works from satellites and phone masts rather than magnetic, but it's very accurate

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