Renault Kangoo Van - steering play - strickjumpers

Does anyone know MOT requirements for maximum rotational play at the steering wheel?

Track rod ends are fine, no play at steering column at the inside of engine bulkhead, is it likely to be universal joints at the lower end of the rack or inside rack? its a Kangoo 4x4 with 85K on the clock. I have no ramps or ability to get under the car. thanks, Mike.


Renault Kangoo Van - steering play - RichardW

13mm at the the rim.

If no play in the TRE or inner joints, then most likely a UJ in the column, but it could be the rack.

Renault Kangoo Van - steering play - SLO76
I had one of these new in 06 that developed a nasty knock from the front end. Three strip down and rebuilds of the front suspension (both sides) and two steering racks later the dealer handed it back saying they couldn't fix it! Rather than drag them through the courts I part exchanged it for a VW Caddy that gave me great service for years. There's good reason why few of these reach their tenth birthday before being scrapped. They're garbage.

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