Hyundai ix35 - Battery problems, 3 years old - Turtle66

My ix35 has performed well over it's 3 years of motoring. 66k plus miles and not too many issues - until now!

My biggest concern is the battery and why it has suddenly become unreliable, yet tests 'ok' at the dealship.

For instance, since it's last service a month ago, I have had to use jump leads 4 times to start the car.

Occasion 1 - sat in a car park for 20 mins having lunch with the radio on. Usually the media unit would sound an audible warning about the battery (and flash a graphic). On this occasion, no warnings and yet the car wouldn't start.

Occasion 2 - sat waiting for someone in hot weather. removed the keys from the ignition to prevent any electrical drain - but left the drivers and passenger doors open to stop the car from getting too hot. 15 minutes later - car won't start due to 'flat' battery.

Occaiosns 3 and 4 - similar to the first - short period stopped to take a call, radio on (no volume) - engine off, ignition on. Perhaps the climate control draw was high? 10 minutes at the most, car won't start.

Hyundai dealer have checked the battery and stated that it tests ok, but needs a 'full trickle charge'. The car charging system apparently will only charge it up 'so far'. The battery isn't faulty (and only has a two year warranty anyway - depsite the Hyundai 5 year warrranty)....

Should I change the battery - Hyundai are not recommeding that it needs changing.

I need to know I can start the car when out and about. I can't be reliant on someone being available to jump start from.

Also - why has the warning system stopped working?

It all seems a little odd to me.

Thoughts or comments appreciated.


Hyundai ix35 - Battery problems, 3 years old - RobJP

Modern batteries, fitted to cars with stop/start systems and loads of other electronics, can be quite temperamental. I'd suggest doing a full trickle charge, as suggested.

A friend of mine has a van, he'd been away for 4 weeks. Battery was dead. He tried charging it up with a (probably) 20 year old charger, and got nowhere. My modern 'pulsing' charger, on the other hand, got it back to top condition when it was left charging over a weekend.

Mine is a CTEK smart charger (can't remember the exact model, but I seem to recall it cost in the region of £50). It's regularly used for a classic car (Morris 1000) and a modern quad bike. Auto-switching, it's literally a case of attach terminals, switch on, and leave it to do the job.

Hyundai ix35 - Battery problems, 3 years old - Cyd

Get your multimeter out and test your battery yourself

Those capacitive testers dealers use are unreliable, a proper load test is the way to go. They probably don't get paid to do a proper load test even if they replace the battery and Hyundai (like others) are probably clamping down on battery changes in warranty due to too many doing it willy nilly.

Hyundai ix35 - Battery problems, 3 years old - Cyd

"The car charging system apparently will only charge it up 'so far'"

This is quite true - watch my video and you'll see I address this point at around 6:18

Get the battery hooked up to a charger before you test it.

" Perhaps the climate control draw was high?"

Not a chance. The compressor is engine driven, so even with ignition on and engine off there would be little draw - most cars will only run the interior fan with engine running these days.

"Hyundai are not recommeding that it needs changing"

You'd think they'd jump at the chance to sell you a battery! So, what else is going on?

22k a year - I guess that's not all city driving? As mentioned above check voltage drop across cables. Check all cables for security and connection quality (including earths). Check the charging system.

Hyundai ix35 - Battery problems, 3 years old - Turtle66

Thanks all.

Although my driving pattern has changed in the last 6 months, with more short(er) journeys (20 mile round trips more frequent now) - I still do a good deal of longer journeys.

The battery was trickle charged by me after the 2nd event, so I thought that should be the end of it. The fact it re-accured so quickly worried me.

I'd expect Hyundai to recommend a battery change, just for the revenue, especially as it is out of warranty.The fact they haven't is comforting, but on the other hand leaves me worrying aboiut being stranded somewhere without a friendly motorist whose car I can use to jump start!

The 3rd and 4th times were relatively short periods with only the radio one (and volume low) and still the car didn't have enough juice to turn over. This seems to indocate something deeper and that the dealer (who has serviced it throughout it's life, one owner from new) should be trynig a little harder to understand the underlying issue.

Hyundai ix35 - Battery problems, 3 years old - SLO76
I'd stick a new battery in and see if the problem disappears. It's likely the weak link, I'm surprised the dealer didn't suggest it right away. It's done the guts of 70k worth of starting. Go to your nearest motor factors and fit it yourself. 15min job and it'll be half the price or less than the dealer.

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