Honda Fit 2006 - Honda Jazz problem ?EGR valve - Meldives
I have a Honda Fit (jazz, japanese import), automatic 2006 model. It has close to 100,000 miles done. For a long while now it has had a problem where it seems to jerk - the mechanic decribed it as a loss of power. It is only brief and it only happens when accelerating, normally at around 2000 revs. It never happens while cruising. However it does not happen every single time, it is inconsistent.

Spark plugs have been changed and throttle cleaned. Apparently the coils are fine as well. The auto transmission oil was flushed late last yr due to the juddering problem which did seem to help it for a little while but then it came back. They have run diagnostics and it is coming up with a code, however because the car is a jap import, the code is in Japanese! One of the lads at the garage used to work for Honda so he was able to find out that the code was related to air flow, so they changed the air flow meter (or mointor?) however it made no difference. The mechanic has now said he does 't know what the problem is and to wait until it gets worse, which may help them work out what is causing it. My fuel consumption has also gotten worse.

Reading on here i have seen some threads talk about an EGR (i hope i got the correct!) valve thT can stick. Does this sound like it may be the problem or does anyone have any other suggestions on what the problem may be?
Honda Fit 2006 - Honda Jazz problem ?EGR valve - dieselnut

Problems with the EGR valve often show up as MAF ( airflow sensor ) fault codes.

This is because the ECU expects to see a change in MAF reading when it opens & closes the EGR.

So if the EGR is sticking, open in your case, as your'e seeing an increase in fuel consumption,it may throw a MAF fault code.

Suggest you get the valve off & give it a good clean so it opens & closes properly.

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Honda Fit 2006 - Honda Jazz problem ?EGR valve - 3uga

If it has a turbo, check Turbo control valve.
Check vacum lines if gas, Check IAT, Check MAP, Check EGR

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Honda Fit 2006 - Honda Jazz problem ?EGR valve - piggy

Turbo!!? It's a Jazz!! I suggest running it on Shell V power for a few tankfulls. This worked on my wife's Jazz.

Honda Fit 2006 - Honda Jazz problem ?EGR valve - Meldives

I had the car in the garage today for a service and asked them to check the EGR valve which they did and it was clean, no problem.

I'm in Ireland, I don't think there is a shell petrol station near me, but I will keep a look out for someone selling premium petrol and give that a try.

I'm taking it into a honda dealer next week and they are going to hook it up to the honda laptop but said there are no guarantees as its a Japanese version. Any other ideas what it could be?

Honda Fit 2006 - Honda Jazz problem ?EGR valve - Meldives

I had the car into the Honda dealer today and they hooked it up to the computer and didn't get any fault readings :( They also looked at the EGR valve and said it was fine, although they suspect the problem may still be related to the EGR valve. The only way to know is to spend in the region of €500 to replace it and it's nothing more than a gamble. If that doesn't make any difference, they really don't know what the problem is. :(


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