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So I've recently sold my BMW 1 Series 120D M Sport convertible as I needed a larger vehicle.
I now have some cash to buy a cheaper convertible too. I'm wondering what you all think about BMW 3 Series versus Audi A4, versus Audi TT, (all petrol models).? Had an old TT previously and loved it but it's very thirsty, as is the A4. Beamer better on fuel and tax but about £2k more expensive initially, which I will struggle to find.
Any thoughts please?
Audi/BMW - Which convertible? - SLO76
What sort of money are we talking about here, 4K or 40?

Older BMW's are total money pits, the 4cyl models are murder for timing chain issues, the diesels are soft and they all eat suspension components. But any complex prestige brand can be an expensive nightmare later in life.
Audi/BMW - Which convertible? - Engineer Andy

Presumably you've bought the larger car now, so that the drop-top is just a 'weekend car' for drives out and visits to friends/family/evenings out etc? Do you need a 4-seater and/or decent boot space for the convertable? Is styling, comfort, handling and/or performance the main priority? What's the budget? Expected annual mileage and how long do you wish to keep it?

If not, I would seriously consider a Mazda MX-5 unless you're worried about 'status', given it'll out handle all the above, won't hurt your wallet (buying or running) anywhere near as much as its German 'rivals' and is more reliable. Fair enough if you need the extra room.

I would check out the Car-by-Car reviews for each of your initial choices here:

You may be able to make some useful headway using the 'car chooser' as well...

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Audi/BMW - Which convertible? - SLO76
Good call on the MX5 if it has enough room for you. I've owned and sold several and they're brilliant things.
Audi/BMW - Which convertible? - barney100

Wouldn't have another rag top as vegetation loved to grow in the fabric roof. Now I have an SLK which has been excellent.

Out of your choices the BMW for me.

Audi/BMW - Which convertible? - JEREMYH

this is prevented by cleaning it

Audi/BMW - Which convertible? - barney100

Yes, true, bought all the gear and it still wasn't good. Had it professionally cleaned too and it still went mossy again very quickly. Metal roof so much better.

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Budget is important here as newer Audis aren't as thirsty. If I could afford a new or newish convertible it would be either a BMW petrol straight-six or (if it needed to be cheaper to buy and run) an Audi A3 with the 1.4 or 2.0 TSI petrol engine. The 1.4 will easily top 50 mpg on a long run.

Audi/BMW - Which convertible? - Serial Car Changer
Hey folks thanks for the tips. I have £6k approx. All the cars are 2007. The Audis are both around £6k, the BMW close to £8k.
Yes the appearance of what I drive is a factor and I'm not a fan of the shape of the MX5.
I would include the links to Autotrader but I'm not that tech savvy!
Any more help based on this info welcomed, thanks again all.

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