Grandis VS Sharalaxy Pros/Cons 2005+ - NGR

After pros cons of either please, looking at 2005 or newer, cheapy.

Cover approx 10-12K miles a year, not many miles through the week, trip to shops kids to school is about it, 10 miles a day at most, then we have a few big road trips each year, Cornwall, Filey and Loch Lomand planned this year.

Yet to find a petrol Sharalaxy worth looking at, mostly Dervs I am looking at, but preferring the Petrol engine in the Grandis.

I generally know more about the Sharalaxy, more info on the web, had an Audi with the 1.9 PD engine in (aware of potential problems of the 2.0 PD) and what can go wrong.
Myself and my partner have a preference for the Grandis over a Sharalaxy, Grandis is a better drive on the open road, better stability and change of direction, only thing is its not as good over speed bumps (6 sets to get out of our estate, but already have to crawl over them in our current car). Comfort they are both really good, both can take 2 highback boosters and my 6foot 90kg frame n the middle row with room to spare. Sharalaxy has the better rear row, but not a priority (will only take the primary school kids).
Size wise they are similar inside, but the layout of the Grandis works better for us (foldaway rear seats and longer (but not as tall) boot will taketent and bikes easier), the only thing that is niggling me with the Grandis, is the cost parts if something goes wrong, but not as much info available as were never as popular or broke often (I guess).

The Sharaxaxly dont seem to be as well built as the Grandis and lots with rusty sills/arches about (gulvana***ing not as good) ?
But then I am Wary of getting a Grandis (prefer petrol) as if something goes wrong could be costly as parts are a lot.

Grandis VS Sharalaxy Pros/Cons 2005+ - Happy Blue!

Quite simply - avoid the Grandis. Compare to the Sharalaxy its a very poor drive and the older diesel engines are pretty good.

Grandis VS Sharalaxy Pros/Cons 2005+ - NGR

Thanks for the advice.
Having test driving both found the Grandis to have a nicer driving position for my wife (5ft 5). I found more composed at higher speeds than the Alhambra.
Alhambras (tried a few) , softer comfier ride better over potholes and speed bumps, but a touch wobbly (body roll) around fast corners (but nothing that felt unsafe/scary) and far less road noise.

Grandis VS Sharalaxy Pros/Cons 2005+ - SLO76
Buy on condition, history and general running order at this level. Don't go in with any fixed notion of what you want, you'd be mad to walk by a tidy petrol Mazda 5 to get to a tatty Grandis or Galaxy. The big Mazda is however cheaper to run than the greedy big Mitsubishi and less complex mechanically than the big Ford/VW/Seat and is certainly worth adding to the list.
Grandis VS Sharalaxy Pros/Cons 2005+ - brum

Imo a good mk2 2005+ shalaxy, especially in tdi form, is very hard to beat. Trouble is that few people want to sell their good ones, and its likely most examples on sale have been grossly neglected or have a list of problems or megamileage. Fortunately its a relatively cheap car to maintain and fix (in mk2 form). Avoid automatics though, they are unreliable and expensive/impossible to fix as the box is underated in this application and simply burns out quickly especially if used for towing.

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Grandis VS Sharalaxy Pros/Cons 2005+ - NGR

Thanks for the advice.
Have said focus on condition already, so had this in mind and the reason we have gone for a Grandis. Mazda 5 we felt was not much bigger than the Corolla Verso we currently have.


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