Falsely accused of dangerous driving - Su1234

Asked my neighbours to clean up after their dogs as i was sick of doing it. They both got aggressive so I called the police.

When the police came round they stated he has accused me of dangerous driving, has footage but won't be pressing charges!

I asked for said footage and am waiting to hear back.

The neighbour has a habit of parking on another shared drive or blocking part of the entrance to our shared drive. I use the other drive to turn around and reverse into our space (residents fine with it). On that morning i did what i always did and he was walking to his car. He was about a metre or two away from the front of my car. He showed no indictation of feeling threatened as he is trying to make out. Didn't jump out the way, look at me or even flinch.

I have told the police this but they don't seem to be taking it on board. I was just reversing into my space!

I am also heavily pregnant and the stress sent me to hospital to be monitored.

Any advice on how to go forward with this please. I am waiting for the police to get back to me.

Falsely accused of dangerous driving - Middleman

It is not your neighbour's decision whether or not charges will be brought. That is a matter for the police and the CPS. Your descrption of events, even taken at their worst, do not even come close to supporting a dangerous driving charge. At the very worst it would be at the lower end of careless driving (a far less serious offence). However, I doubt even that would hold up and I should not get too worried.

Falsely accused of dangerous driving - concrete

Very distressing su. All disputes between neighbours are a potential nightmare. If you have tried to mediate and discuss your respective positions and have been unsuccessful, then you have two choices. You try to ignore them and continue with your life or you move home. If they are not open to reason or compromise now they are likely to be so forever, so there is no possible conclusion to your problem. I also would not worry about the driving accusations. There is hardly any evidence to proceed and your neighbour is just trying to muddy the waters and deflect attention away from his unreasonable behaviour. Just try to keep calm and do not give them the satisfaction of winding you up. Best of luck. Concrete

Falsely accused of dangerous driving - scot22

Agree with previous posts. Just wanted to add extra support - have pleasant thoughts about pleasant things.

Falsely accused of dangerous driving - Su1234

Thank you all for your kind replies. Who knew asking someone to clean up after themselves could lead to all this!!

I have agreed to mediation but still haven't heard back. I think if they continue with the dangerous driving accusation then i will get a solicitor and request the footage again. See what they do then....

Falsely accused of dangerous driving - TedCrilly

The first thing the police will do is ask themselves is it in the public interest to bring charges, so ask yourself....is it?

They are duty bound to investigate but I don't doubt they will see it all for what it really is, another minor tit for tat dispute between neighbours who don't get on. I believe before long they will be knocking on both your doors to give you both a bo*****ing and to tell you both to play nice.......OR ELSE!!

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Falsely accused of dangerous driving - concrete

My eldest is a police officer and has given me some insight into this case. Domestic disputes are the bane of their lives and use precious resources on situations that cannot be solved. The police will not put very much into this unless violence or thretening behaviour is used. Legally their is hardly any evidence, apart from heresay to mount any sort of case. However, interestingly the dog fouling could be an issue the local authority environmental health department would pursue. If you could provide photographic evidence of this they could well issue an enforcement order on your neighbour. Private land is not exempt if members of the public have ready legal access to it. i.e rights of way, rights of access, shared use driveways etc. This may be something to keep up your sleeve if the mediation fails to produce results. Cheers Concrete


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