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Hi, I am a final year student at the University of Portsmouth and my dissertation is based on electric vehicles. I chose this topic as I am a car enthusiast and believe that electric vehicles will become more widely used a lot sooner than we might think. I am greatly interested in ethical consumption and the decision making process which customers go through and why. I have posted a survey link at the bottom which allows for anyone to complete it. I would greatly appreciate it, if you take a few mins of your time to complete the survey. The more responses I get, the more credible my research will be. The survey does not ask for any identification of name, age, gender, or occupation. This is strictly for my thesis and will not be used for any other purposes or by third parties. If you want you can also share the survey with anyone that would be interested in this topic, everything is confidential.

Thank you.

Link: goo.gl/forms/p4r7kI60caw9YIBM2

Electric vehicles - Electric vehicle survey - Avant

We had a very similar request a few days ago, so I'm afraid you may not get very many replies.

Is one of our resident IT experts around to tell us whether this link is safe?

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Yes, the link is safe. However, it's a terrible, leading survey - especially when compared to the other one a few days ago (hint to the person who designed this one : go find it, and see how it should be done)

For example, part of it asks " Are you aware of the benefits of having an electric vehicle"

There is no comparable question "Are you aware of the detrimental points of having an electric vehicle" - the author obviously views it as there are no detrimental points.

It assumes that an EV is suitable for all drivers - if you haven't got one, then it seeks to ascertain what additional incentives would be required to get you to buy one. It never considers that EVs just aren't suitable for the journey types for some of us.

Electric vehicles - Electric vehicle survey - alen

Thank you for your feedback.

There is an open question which enables you to make any negative views which you have towards electric vehicles, which i highly recommend you please do make as many points as possible regardless if they are positive or negative.

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This question has poor options:

"How informed are you on the impact which non-environmentally friendly products/services have on the environment?"

There should be another choice between "Highly informed" and "Limited knowledge"

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EVs don't work for me - and won't until they can treble their range - too many expensive overnight stops to fully recharge - even if I could afford a Tesla and use their Supercharge network - going north, the last one's at Gretna, still 360 miles to go then.

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There's a free text field for "Other" reasons for not buying - I entered "unsuitable".

It's the OP's dissertation, not ours, not up o us to construct the questionnaire - I'm happy to answer the questions.

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The longest journey I do is a bit under 250 miles. If I could afford a Tesla Model S I'd consider buying one. The things that rule one out for me are price and size (won't fit in my garage), as with a BMW 5 Series or Jaguar XF, and not the fact that it's electric!

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I like the idea of plugin hybrid, eg Audi A3, I'd get to work and back each day on electric, so I'm near enough the ideal customer for it or similar.

However the price (and indeed actual cost) of 6500Wh of lithium batteries is around £10k over the equivalent petrol only car.

For £10k I can buy enough Shell and BP shares to give me free petrol for ever from the dividends (£500 a year = 5000 miles) and still have the £10k.

If oil prices go up, so will the dividends to pay for it !

So from being the ideal customer, sorry but they do not make sense


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