any - ignore list? - gordonbennet

On some forums its possible to 'ignore' posters who you have no wish to read for various reasons.

We have another batch of posters on technical who ask questions, maybe they don't like the answers, maybe can't be bothered to update their thread, or maybe just vanish from whence they came.

On other forums one could simply put these people on ignore, so you didn't inadvertantly waste any time replying to another of their questions at some point in the future.

Is it possible to include an ignore option on the forum (is there one already which i haven't noticed?), or maybe i'm the only one who gets annoyed at things like this, one can only assume they are the same people who lack basic courtesy in the outside world, in which case i doubly wish to not help them.

We've had some very skilled mechanics here in the past who took the trouble to answer intricate queries which have saved people money, pass on specialist (sometimes makers) instructions via emails etc, in many cases (eg PSA Diesel of Doom turbo lunching when fitted to Ford Focus thread springs to mind) the instructions were copied and pasted in full only a couple of posts up yet the new poster who's time is presumably more important still asking the original mechanic for instructions, few have the decency to thank them for their trouble, little wonder these decent chaps are seldom if ever heard from now.

any - ignore list? - Wackyracer

I think I've touched on this once before, It seems there is no such feature on these forums. HJ seems to be fairly unique in that it looks and works alot differently to other forum softwares.

any - ignore list? - Avant

I'm not a software expert (that's so I've no idea whether that is something that could be added.

But would we want to? Sadly, there are a lot of people who don't say thank you - when you let them out of a side road....when you give them advice on here...same sort of thing. Many of them probably do feel grateful: their car is now going well thanks to advice on here, and they drive on and away forgetting to come back and thank us.

That sort of person may well come back when the next thing goes wrong (and it will, if he bought a used diesel), ask again and forget to thank us. But I'd still rather he said to his local Rotarians 'Jolly good, that Honest John forum - I really ought to have gone back and posted a thank you' than 'Don't bother with Honest John - I never got any response to my question'.

Ultimately, as we all know, this site depends on its hits.

any - ignore list? - concrete

Well said Avant. It proves the rule: you can't put in what God left out!! Simple and very basic manners mean so much but are barely noticable when enacted, but very conspicuous when omitted. Probably these people are , as you describe, very grateful, but not being face to face they don't feel the need to issue a formal expression of appreciation. That is the charitable view anyway. But if an OP needs help there are few on this forum who would deny them, which speak volumes for our collective attitude.

Anyway, just noticed a fence post broken at its base. Gradually replacing the wooden ones with concrete ones. Ah well, keeps me fit and makes me earn my beer!!

Cheers Concrete

any - ignore list? - Chris M

You make your own fence posts Concrete? Respect!


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