Any - Budget 2017 - Snakey

Hmm, so the budget has announced £93m of roads investment in the North. Based on the last few years of 'improvements' can I say thanks but no thanks to their idea of improvements...

1) Western Bypass - £80m and 3 years of misery and traffic queues are longer than ever. Literally the day after the roadworks were removed the queue extended.

2) Billy Mill - still ongoing mess of turning a busy but manageable roundabout into a traffic light infested mess. Not helped by the fact the LA awarded themselves the contract and have faffed about with it.

3) A19 Silverlink - who on earth thought this was a worth investment is crazy - 3 years to dig a road under an existing roundabout will simply make the queues at the nearby nightmare tyne tunnel even worse.

4) A19 Lindisfarne roundabout - One year (ongoing) to try and squeeze three lanes into the space where two were? Come on!

And thats just the 4 I encounter on my journey. Based on previous experience can we just leave things alone! And for gods sake stop putting traffic lights on roundabouts!


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